September Update

It’s official, my blog titles are just periodic updates until it’s not anymore.  :-) 

In mid July I spent 2 weeks visiting my sister and my son in Illinois and had a really great time.  My sister recently retired so we had plenty of time to spend together and most of it was spent sprucing up things inside her home.

First we updated some accessories in her kitchen —  to unify the look.  Prior to this it was just a Hodge podge of things she had accumulated over the years.   Once we found the picture below we decided to go with a “bird theme”.. Maybe we overdid it?  :-)   Oh well, she likes it and that’s all that counts.  

I made a new checked tablecloth for her as she spilled a little bleach on the orange one. I thought it would be too dark, but it turns out it was nice to break up all that orange. 

When we found this lantern we decided to embellish the inside with an egg tree — similar to one we saw that would not fit.  So we made our version from Styrofoam, couple of bags of eggs, hot glue, and little sprigs of wheat. 

It sits on top of her fridge 

And finally we filled up the area above her kitchen cabinets.  This is just one side.. 


Outside we planted this perennial garden.  She wanted to experiment with gardening so we kept it small.  She has since edged it nicely so she can easily mow around it.  It’s such a great little back yard that would be perfect to go gardening crazy so I told — just let me know and we’ll tackle it.   


At my son’s apartment we rearranged his bedroom so he could his window A/C unit  in and out without any help.  Moving that king size bed was a chore even with 2 people.  

And we scored big time on a used sofa and easy chair thru a local online ad.  Just $100 for both of those plus the table in between.  What a deal!  Not his ideal style, but he was happy to get something comfy til he can afford to do something different.   

Last winter his dad helped him install the shelving unit I bought him for Xmas.  And then we added those white wire covers  and replaced his “Star Wars” looking antenna this trip - both sure cleaned up the area, but I didn’t get a picture of those.  He’s itching to lose the rooster picture.. I suggested he just take it down for now.  :-)    


I’m nearly done with a quilt for my Niece.  A wedding present - pictures to follow.   And I just finished a wall hanging for the porch which is @ the LAQer.  Here’s a picture of it before I sent it off.   This is where it will hang - I plan to have it framed under glass.   It will not get any direct sunlight here, but more light exposure than if it hung inside even with UV proteced glass so I’m sure in a year or so I will know firsthand how exposure will impact it.   


The cabinet in the picture above is a new piece.  We are still waiting on a few other pieces including a  counter height table and 4 stools that will be a our small dining area.  Those will sit to the right of the black cabinet.  


Here’s a closer look of the rug in the smaller room.  I changed my mind many times before deciding to go this direction.   So many rugs were a bit too colorful and even though I love color I did not want a beachy, water in your face look.  Most outdoor rugs have such large patterns like this Killim rug, but it resembles a quilt pattern to me so I can live with that !! Probably why I like it.  :-)  

And I made another antique purchase.. this bench.  I looked at this one for over 3 weeks trying to imagine if it would fit as I worried it might be too much.  The areas are filling up and I need to be careful to not have too much going on.  I added 2 killim pillows to pick up on the rug.  So far I think it’s all working.  I have some fabric picked out to make drapes for the smaller room - hopefully I can get those done before we button up the porch for the winter. 

Eventually I’d like to replace the basket with a potted plant in big crock or bucket.   

Reports on RVing and Gardening are skimpy.  Tom and I are headed to Red Bay, Alabama tomorrow for some work on the motorhome  And later this month a landscape company will be planting a lot of new trees and bushes around the porch and tweaking the big bed along the garage..which needs a lot of work.  Hopefully after they are done everything will be back in tip top shape.   

This is my rendering of how one of the new beds will look.  Though the stepping stones will not be installed right away.  There’s some disagreement on the size of stones to use so I decided we will wait to see everything else in place before making that decision.   

Til next time….


June Update - New Porch

It’s been nearly 6 months since my last post.  I guess you could say I’m officially over the regular blog update thingie,  but I intend to keep it as I know once we start traveling in the motorhome I will want to document our trips.   

We’ve been pretty busy the last 6 months planning and managing the construction of our screened-in porch. Something we have always wanted and decided to get it done this year.  After this is complete we will add some landscape beds on each side and then I believe everything we wanted in our forever home will be complete.  Until I change something. But I haven’t had a desire to do much of that.  Yet.  GRIN

The Plan



Early on in the design process we discovered a property setback issue.  Most other homes in our community are able to build a pretty large rectangle porch - usually 15 x 14-18’ deep.  Unfortunately, our home was built so close to the setback line we had to add a 45 degree angled wall @ 8’ and then were only able to go out a few feet more.  Not even getting close to 14’.  :-(

Once we discovered this problem we decided that room alone was not big enough so we bit the bullet and created a second room along the back of the sunroom.  Initially we thought we’d just do about 7-8’ deep on the bigger room - large enough for a swing and some rocking chairs - unscreened, but covered.  Sort of like the front porch we had in NC.  But then we decided to go as deep as we could and enclose everything.  It was such a large project and we had the right builder so we didn’t want to have second thoughts wishing we had gone deeper when it was all done.  

Here are a few construction pictures and some interior pictures shortly after we moved in some furniture. Gutter installation and general cleanup outside will be done later this week. But landscaping will not occur until September. 


We decided to go with a travertine floor and installing it was a massive under taking.  Or I should say the prep to laying it was massive.  They moved 10 tons of rock to the backyard with a skid steer loader and buku trips with their wheel barrows.  

The rock was then compacted and then they added a layer of sand.  Three guys got this all done in 2 days. It was amazing.  


The painters then did their thing - inside and out.  

This is Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore.  Same color as my kitchen.  I need to get another picture of the finished ceiling.  

We moved in the furniture last weekend.   In the smaller room the furniture is facing the house - it just made more sense as there are a lot of doorways in this room so we plan to use it in the morning to watch TV.   It will sit on a piece of furniture in front of the house windows.   

I had a short wall added inside to provide separation between the rooms and a place for some furniture for each room.   I picked up the hutch in the picture below @ a local antique store for $140.  It was already painted in a chipped, distressed look.  I wish it was about 10” taller overall, but I’m not completely unhappy with it.  It’s hard to find something that’s not too deep to fit on a wall that’s only 35” wide, so I consider myself pretty lucky.  


And I have found 3 other aantique pieces.  The rocker, the step stool, and in the big room a cricket table.  My goal was to accomplish an interior look so I stayed away from metal patio furniture, however, the seating is weathered wicker with Sunbrella cushions - from Erwin and Sons.   Everything else will likely be wood of some kind.  I realize that’s a risk, but I plan to add polyurethane to some pieces and oil to others. And the reason is - a former antique dealer up the street from me suggested I oil the rocker — she says that will repel the water and better for the wood.  Hmm.  So I will give that a try.  

Eventually I will add in some pillows, quilts, rugs, accessories, and potted plants to give it more color and a homey look. And then we need to decide on a small dining table and chairs for the other side in the big room. But for now we are just enjoying it.  It will be heavenly come fall when all those trees in the ravine in front of us turn shades of red and orange.  Probably a little chilly on some days, but I have a lot of quilts to keep us warm.