After 5 years of living with the OEM carpet, I was ready to get rid of it.  It did not wear well, always looked dirty and I did not like the color.  We replaced most of our carpet with tile in 2007 so we just had a few areas left to do.  But it is incredible how much carpet we still needed.  Ack. 

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The picture above is the new stuff.   One pic of the original is below, but you can see more pics in this link.

I picked Masland’s Treillage - Color Japonica and bought it thru Kuhn’s Carpeting in Coral Springs, FL.     Masland is a high quality carpeting - we have it in our stick home and I love it.  If it turns out this doesn’t wear well — well then I’ll know better next time, but it’s such a big job if there was anyway to get this done just one time,  I was willing to spend the bucks to do it.   

$1100 for the carpet - $800 for the labor.  Done by  Custom RV Inc in Vina, AL (outside Red Bay, AL)

Yardage Estimates - Click to enlargeThe sales gal helped me determine how much I would need. I measured all the areas and she created a draft layout.  I took that layout and fine tuned it — padding it with a little extra to accommodate any mistakes.   I ordered a 12 X 16 piece and had about a 4 X 6 piece leftover. I really couldn’t order too much less than this because I needed that long piece under dinette and I wanted one long piece for the area over the engine hump. 

Carept rolled up in bayI did checkout prices thru a Georgia carpet outlet and found one that would sell the same stuff @ a great discount, but delivery comes when it comes with usually just 2 days notice and you must take it off the truck yourself.  Tom was traveling a lot that month so I could not do this myself.  Most of my neighbors are working during the day so it was just too risky. 

I also needed the carpet cut into several large sections so that we could fit it in our bays to haul to Red Bay.  So I stuck with the local company.  They delivered it in 4 sections cut to my specifications all wrapped in plastic.  Perfect. 

Raised Floor in Bedroom

I wanted a nylon loop carpet because I think it wears the best, but I settled on a combination of loop and pile as I thought it would be easier for the guys to install.  All loop carpet can be stiff and hard to bend around corners or stretch easily.  While it has a diamond pattern, the small areas in our coach are so small, you’d never know if it was not matching.  No big deal.

I only took a few installation pictures this time because I wanted to give the guys their space.  They had just spent an entire day doing the fridge and I took tons of pictures that day.  Working in the bedroom is very tight and they sure didn’t need me hovering over them.   I was especially pleased how they were able to get to all the  difficult areas in the bedroom.     A few more pics by area.  Click on pics to enlarge.

Living Room Slide 

This was the easiest part of the install.  This job was done after our new fridge was installed — so the sofa was already moved out of the way to get the fridge thru the window.  The guys removed the buffet, popped up the carpet.. cut the new piece using this as a pattern.  Took that down to a local carpet binder.  It was all done very quickly. 









Areas up Front

This is where the install gets to be more time consuming.  Brannon did the stairwell and his helper John did under the pedals and under the seats.  I did not think he would remove the seats to get at that area, but he said it’s much easier and faster to do it that way. 

StairwellUnder pedalsUnder seats








We only have 1 slide in the bedroom.  They removed the mattress and platform top to get at these difficult areas in the bedroom.  Brannon says they usually remove the entire bed frame,   but the way ours was built would make that nearly impossible to do.   He really wanted to get at that area between the engine hump and the left side of the bed, but I was fine with what he did get done. No one will ever see that area anyway. 

ClosetBed - Left sideBed front






Difficult to get a picture of the entire bedroom.  A snapshot of the wall.  Maybe I’ll take another shot.. stooping down, but I’m old.. hard to do that anymore.  :-)