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Our First FMCA Convention

Someday we want to move up to a larger RV as we plan to go on the road for 3-6 months at a time once Tom retires.  For longer trips we really need more space in the bedroom and we’d like a tag axle coach (6 rear tires vs 4).  The extra tires provides a smoother ride and allows us to carry more stuff - safely. Most likely we’d would get a 42’ or 45’ coach - today we have a 40’.  The extra length - and extra slide in the bedroom would satisfy our space needs for sure. 

Like most RVers we are always looking at new or different coaches and last month we attended the largest RV show we have ever seen.  The FMCA convention in Charlotte, NC.  FMCA sponsors 2 conventions a year and since Charlotte is only live 3 hours from our home we could not skip this one.  Only problem is - the show is mid-week vs. weekends so Tom had to use a couple vacation days.

FMCA Charlotte.JPGWe heard stories that FMCA shows are huge — and wow - it was just incredible. Over 3K owners brought their coaches and parked onsite.  The RV dealers and manufacturers brought 1K+ new coaches for the exhibits.

I snatched this pic from the FMCA website.  This is a good example of what it looks like to park at the convention.  If you can imagine - several large fields of coaches setup just like this.  Amazing.

Walking through the exhibit coaches was fun but getting there was exhausting.  You need good walking shoes and a 20 year old body.  I had the shoes.  They had several golf carts, trolley cars, buses to help you get to the exhibits locations - thank the Lord. 

We did not stay onsite.  I considered it as it sure would be convenient, but they offer limited electric sites.  I knew without electricity we would be sitting in a field of RVs with generators running over several days.  That did not appeal to us.  Instead we stayed at Dan Nicholas County park in Salisbury, NC - 35 miles from the convention.  A bit of a drive - but it worked out OK.   There was a huge thunderstorm one night and we heard some of the RV parking areas @ the convention flooded.  Rumor has it one was swept into a creek.  Good Lord.

Here are a few pics of our site @ Dan Nicholas.  201966-469042-thumbnail.jpg A nice campground - though getting into this site took some maneuvering.  That Tom, he is getting pretty good at parking this monster - huh?  he he.  201966-469102-thumbnail.jpgLook at those trees. 

This assigned site was a reservation mess-up.  But since we spent most of our time @ the convention - we just stayed put.  You can read my entire review of this campground here.

We spent the nights @ Dan Nicholas and our days drooling over the 2007 Mountain Aire.  Well we did look at many other coaches - but returned to this one often.  We first saw this coach in Wilmington, NC.  And lucky for us we were able to see the exact floorplan we would choose - a 3 slide coach. Some pics below.

201966-469173-thumbnail.jpgMost RVers prefer 4 slides - and that is predominately what you can get today.  We are odd balls i guess. 201966-469175-thumbnail.jpgWe don’t want a slide to intrude on our patio area.   This coach has 2 slides in the bedroom and night stands around the King bed.  Plenty of room and 1 slide in the front living area.  The only issues we had - the bathroom vanity is too low, it does not have a tub, and the outside TV is not in the right spot and we would want a euro recliner and table on the patio side vs. a sofa.  The Newmar rep said they could fix all of these things.  Overall we were quite pleased with Newmar and their willingness to make changes to the coach if we ordered one. 201966-469194-thumbnail.jpgOur current  manufacturer, Tiffin Motorhomes, will not do this even on their higher end units. *sigh*  Sure wish Tiffin would be more flexible - because we love our Bus and are happy with the quality and the company. 

While it was wonderful to see this coach and we would love to own one - 201966-469197-thumbnail.jpgit’s just not the right time for us.  Geez — our Bus is only 1 year old.  It’s just a baby and Tom has several more years until he retires.   So - it remains a dream for now.  But it was sure fun looking and we will keep watch over what manufacturers do in the years to come.   


Last Stop

Tom and I are now at the beautiful Outdoor Motorcoach Resort at Lake Toxaway, NC.  outdoor resorts.jpgThis is an RV resort where you can buy sites and fix them up with stone fireplaces, rock walls, etc.  They have a 9 hole golf course and are expanding - eventually they will have 400+ sites.  Temperatures up here are in the 70s - it is just lovely.  We are off to do some exploring for the day —- i hope to find some antique stores - unique shops.

This place has strong WiFi throughout the resort - so i’ll be online the rest of our stay - and eager to catch up on blogs etc. however my own updates will be slow - my typing skills are much slower now….I took a nasty fall on my bike @ the Lake Hartwell campground and broke my wrist….and hit my head.  7 stitches to fix my head and surgery is planned to repair my wrist next week.  I have what is called a displaced intra-articular distal radius fracture.  What a klutz…and now i’ll have atleast a month or more of bad hair days.  But i have lots of feel good drugs — the Rush Limbaugh kind.  Psychotic.

I’ll be by to visit everyone later this evening.