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We just returned from a weekend RV trip to Wilmington, NC.   Here is Tom reading the paper at our campsite at the KOA this a.m.  wilmington koa site 58.jpgJust a short getaway for us. 













I’m behind on visiting my blog friends - so tomorrow i’ll catch up on the latest from all you guys and gals. Plus - i need to finish my last entry for the Virginia trip. 

After that — i’m off to buy more lottery tickets… Tom and i checked out a bigger and newer RV on this trip -  and well we don’t have enough money - so it’s just a dream til the big bucks roll inmountain aire.jpg *sigh*.    He wants a tag axle..so you see it’s all his fault. 













But i’m in love with the bedroom - it’s fab.  201966-361963-thumbnail.jpg201966-361966-thumbnail.jpg201966-361968-thumbnail.jpg






So i guess he’s not all to blame and i should go mow some yards —- you know in case we don’t win the lottery. Mowing the grass.


New Bern

I’ve just been so busy - no time to create a blog update.  The last few days i spent spreading the 100 bags of mulch.  I’m about 1/2 done.  Getting some muscles!  Those suckers are 40lbs each.   Lowes took so long to deliver our mulch last Saturday - they not only refunded our delivery fee ($60) but decided to refund 1/2 of our mulch price.  That’s an extra $130.  Can you believe that??  Lots of work going on at the house - last week we had painters working outside.  They painted our entire front porch and back deck.  The garden is blooming.. and just looks wonderful - i love the garden in the Spring.  I hope to get the rest of the mulch spread next week and relieved the painting is all done.  Usually i stain the deck and front porch each year myself - and it’s such a huge job so it was such a wonderful treat to have it done this year - i’m spoiled now. 

meanwhile — Tom and I are now in New Bern, NC.  downtownnewbern_4554.jpgBrought our Bus down here for a long weekend - we got in last night.   Anyway - this is a short update - we are on our way to do some exploring - thinking of driving down to Emerald Isle today and visit historic downtown New Bern tomorrow.  Emerald Isle is about 50 miles from here and we want to checkout a campground that is right on the Atlantic Ocean.  Some say it is real nice and others say the sites are small. So we will go check it out first hand.. and if it’s nice - we’ll plan another trip back this way later this year.

More later —  i’ll be by to visit some blogs later tonight.  Free WiFi at this CG.  It’s Sunny and close to 80 here - we are having a heat wave.