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We leave the Outer Banks (OBX) tomorrow morning.  The weather has not been the best - it was cold Thanksgiving Day and very windy until today.  Hatteras Lighthouse.jpgHere is a shot i took of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the largest lighthouse in the U.S. @ 208’ tall.  What a massive structure. They moved this lighthouse in 1999.  Can you imagine - moving a lighthouse?  Amazing. We could not go up inside as it was closed for the season - dang - so we missed some great views for sure. 

A lot of places were “closed for the season” here - which was dissappointing.  What surprised us most about the Outer Banks is - it is not overly commercialized. Just miles and miles of beachfront on a tiny strip of land..some parts seem like they are only 1/4 mile wide.  We did not see 1 large chain hotel anywhere - which i thought was unusual.  Nag’s Head had a mall - and there were a couple of theaters, but we only saw a few fast food joints and couple of chain grocery stores; otherwise the stores were small town groceries (real small), ma and pa motels with seaside names and bait shops.  One restaurant made us laugh. It was called Bob’s Restaurant - and his tag line was “eat and then get the hell out”. 

Yesterday we visited the Wright Brother’s National Memorial and today besides the lighthouse, we spent most of today on Ocracoke Island.  You have to take a ferry to get Ocrakcoke Island… a 40-minute ferry ride that can take 30 cars — and get this - it’s free.  Tom and i figure that if they charged $10/car they’d make around 6K a day… so we wonder why is it free - you know given the price of gas - you’d think they would charge.

Click here to see a few other shots we took during our visit.  No prize winning photos folks.   We usually spend a lot of time - outside; Tom cooks breakfast, we sit outdoors - but not this trip.  It was just too cold.  We are wimps i guess.  Next stop - Florida for Christmas.  Surely it has to be warm down there? 


Lazy Rainy Weekend

Picture 009.jpgThese little fall gems are the result of my followup shopping day at that neat garden shop in Selma.  I found out the name of this place - Dewaynes. Their website shows some of the goodies this place has - but you really don’t get the perspective like i did seeing it for the 1st time. The entire 2nd floor is dedicated to Christmas.  I just may have to come back for more shopping - like i need more stuff ??

I decided to buy a large bush (need it for my garden bed anyway) and couple mums, pansies - vs.  more Halloween accessories - though i did buy this little scarecrow.. he was cheap. I have so much Halloween stuff at home - and did not even set it up this year. 

We moved the Bus to the Smithfield KOA on Thursday night… so no more road noise.  What a relief.  This campground is nice - but it is awfully expensive for an overnight place - $40/night and that’s with our KOA discount.  Whew!  CG is not very busy for a weekend.  Here is a pic of Tom - getting ready to watch the nightly news with his cocktail.  Smithfield KOA.jpg

 I put up the awning lights Friday a.m. hoping it would not rain - but no such luck - it started to pour around 9 p.m..and did so all night long.  We put most everything away except the plants of course - they got a good drink.

The good news - the Bus is sealed nice and tight - we stayed dry. Something you always worry about - keeping our fingers crossed we never experience any leaks.

Tom cooked breakfast this a.m…. and now we are just laying around..relaxing.  He is watching football in the living room area and i’m back in the bedroom watching a movie.  Looks like its going to rain again.  Neither one of us really want to go running round today.  I think i’ll go for a long walk.. i’m way behind on achieving my 200 miles by year end and it doesn’t help that i made cookies yesterday.  They are all gone! Ugh.