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What do you do in Selma, NC?

Yes - my thoughts exactly.  What do you do?  We are staying in a small overnight campground and i went out hunting for things to do yesterday and a bit today.  Selma has many antique stores in their downtown area.  I went thru a few of them on Tuesday - but didn’t find anything i could not live without (Tom’s pleased i’m sure). They also have some big outlet stores.  I’m just not in the mood to go outlet shopping.  But - now today - that was a different story.  Lo and behold i found a fabulous..simply fabulous garden nursery / gift shop.  I have never, never seen a gift shop so huge!  The selection of stuff is just amazing. I cannot even remember the name of it… and i did not get to this place until 3:30 p.m. - so i did not spend much time there.  So guess what i’m doing tomorrow …..??? 

Tomorrow night we are moving to a campground down the road in Smithfield, NC. So what do you do in Smithfield?  I don’t know yet.. we’ll have to wait and see.  Hope the weather stays nice - we might just sit.  I checked out the place yesterday -  it is a KOA - and it’s not too bad.  I actually reserved a specific site.  The good thing is it won’t have this LOUD road noise.  It’s semi-city & train central where we are parked now.  Too bad - the grounds here are real nice - huge trees and a big lake.  I’ll add some pics this place before we leave.  If i was deaf - this would be a great place - but if we don’t move soon - i might go deaf.

In my spare time today i rearranged some of the blog topics and added a campground module.  Just my general observations about the campgrounds we have visited.  Check it out if your interested.  I have a few more reviews to finish.  Perhaps it will help a few folks who might stumble onto my blog.  You never know.


We're Hikers !


Mountain Stream.jpgTom and I took the RV up to Marion, NC this past weekend.  We hoped to see some great fall colors - but the leaves are changing much later this year…so not much color to see yet.  We did enjoy the weather though and stayed at a fabulous place - Mountainstream RV Park, a small - but lovely campground at the base of the Appalachian Mountains.  This parks claim to fame - is its heavenly mountain stream.  It runs around about 2/3rds of the campground.   See this pic? This is the part of the stream - directly behind our campsite.  Pretty cool huh? The continuous sound of this stream and cool crisp nights - made for wonderful sleeping.  Yep - another great great weekend …of 201966-207443-thumbnail.jpg

eating - mostly outdoors - especially breakfast. 

201966-194129-thumbnail.jpgCampfires … our favorite thing to do and especially enjoyable with that stream right behind us.





and shopping well - the result of shopping - that is.  Note - my new Lafuma recliner (in black) and our awning lights.  The campground theme this weekend was “Christmas in October” and some folks were dressing up their campsites with lighted xmas trees, etc. We picked out lights to kinda fit that theme - but thought they were general enough to use anytime.  

Picture 0761.jpg

Sightseeing - mostly along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Here’s Tom at Mount Mitchell.  Note the sign. 

Picture 056.jpg


And oh yea - hiking - a first for us.  Here’s Tom - doesn’t he look like a pro?  201966-264165-thumbnail.jpg




And yes - I went too.  Nothing pro about my hiking style - though.  lol201966-264159-thumbnail.jpg


So there you have it - we are officially hikers now.  We took a short (strenuous) trail near the summit of Mount Mitchell.   No that’s not my rating - that is the actual trail rating.  It was steep and quite rocky - but only 1 mile in total.  Ok, maybe we are “baby” hikers.  But its a start.

Another wonderful weekend - that ended too soon.  We left Marion, Sunday morning and decided to take the RV to a local campground vs. return it directly to storage.   We are actually about 10 miles from where Tom works.  We plan to camp here until Friday or Saturday.  Tom will go to work and i’ll - well i’ll do that retirement stuff.  They have free WiFi here - but the road noise - is a little LOUD.  Close to I-95. Too close - [sigh]