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The Look of Relaxation

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No question - this pic of Tom tells it all.  He is totally, totally relaxed when we go camping - a good thing! This pic and the 2 below were taken at our campsite at the Pinehurst RV Park. A small - but nice campground just an hour south of us.  Full hookups, plenty of big pine trees, pretty level sites, a small fishing pond - all this for only $14/per night.   Can you believe it cost us just 28 bucks to stay the weekend.  This is the Passport America membership price which gives members 1/2 off the normal rates.  No cable or WiFi - but our Direct TV worked great. 

We toured the small shopping village in Pinehurst on Saturday after we found it - that is.  What a confusing mess of roads.  They all look like neighborhood streets - that twist and turn - some in circles - your just never sure which road leads to the village shopping.   Anyway we did finally find it, walked around the shops and then ate lunch at a small cafe called the Players.  They had a great golf accessory shop..pictures, lamps, etc - real unique things - i’m not into golf stuff - but i did like this place.  I forget the name though (ugh).  Anyway - i wouldn’t go back to Pinehurst for the shopping - I never did see a great - household accessory shop like i was expecting.  There was a real neat furniture store in a big old house with 2 wrap around porches.  They had beautiful furniture and some lovely accessories - but very high end and very pricey.  It’s obviously a place for the well-off to buy some unique pieces - they ship anywhere!

Though we wouldn’t go back for the shopping - we would for the RV park.  A very peaceful park — not too crowded - in fact there were no campers on either side of us.  We finally got around to buying that campstove… picked it up on Saturday.  Tom cooked bacon and eggs on it on Sunday a.m.  Delicious.  We had a campfire both nights and just enjoyed sitting outdoors.  What was odd to us - most of our neighboring campers… remained cooped up inside their campers.   There must have been some good TV programs that weekend - we noticed many had their satellite dishes or TV antennas up.  Before we left we scoped out some of their other campsites for our eventual return.  There is a real nice one right in front of the fishing pond.  You would have no campers on your right. It was campsite #107. We’d choose it or the one we had this time which was #72.

I have to laugh at our outdoor decor.. i mean look at the design and colors?  A red check table cloth,  berry and black geometric rug, bright flowered chairs, a pool colored recliner and hey how about that wood TV tray?? Actually we like the TV tray - its the right height… so that will stay.  The flowered chairs - we have had for years - they are comfortable and do not take up much storage room.  The recliner - Tom got for free at Harris Teeter - a grocery chain in our home town.  We still intend to get a different patio rug and eventually another recliner - a black one.  Slowly but surely we’ll probably have a color coordinated - exterior space.  Another good thing!


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