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A Belated Merry Christmas

I’m so out of sync on everything this year and a little disorganized.  I forgot my camera card reader and just picked up a new one yesterday so I could post some pictures.  We are still at Ortona enjoying the wonderful weather… been here since December 19th.   On Christmas day we drove to Tom’s folks and spent the night and had a wonderful dinner with them and their good friends.  His mom (next to Tom) is a fabulous cook and and she sent us home with leftover prime rib.  yum yum.

I’m ready to take down all the xmas decorations — I start to feel closed in with all the extra stuff inside the Bus.  It really gets to me so today I plan to tackle that except the tree.  It will be easier to deal with that right before we go home.  

Re: the valances.  Well I got all of them done except the window on the end by the sofa.  I have to reuse that valance - remove the fabric off of it and that is just too difficult to do inside the Bus so it will get done when we get back home.  But the good news we did get them all installed except the one over the kitchen sink.  Will get that done in the next couple of days and then I’ll take a few more pics.  Which I need to do as I can see a blurry spot in this photo - a smudge on the lens.  sigh

Boy it sure looks different in here and as I expected its time to update some of the accessories.  Both Xmas and everday.  The paisley is a more sophisticated look and my accessories are more country/casual.  I don’t think my string bean quilt blends well and the check pillows are just too heavy.  I don’t even care for the check chairs, but they will have to stay for now.  I think just replacing the pillows and the quilt and adding in some softer acessories will make a difference and probably make the chairs tolerable.  That’s my hope anyway.

Off to enjoy the rest of the day.  I hope everyone had a Merry Xmas.  Happy New Year to all. 



We left Lake City, FL around 7:15 this a.m. and made it to Ortona by 1:30 p.m.  The weather is perfect.

Here’s Tom enjoying the football game by the campfire — via the headphones.  he he.  I just love the waterway in the background.  Due to the recent heavy rains they’ve turned on the pump so the water is flowing.  We sure are enjoying the sounds and the fabulous views.