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Merry Christmas

Well we arrived yesterday - safe and sound and very pleased with our campsite location at Outdoor Resorts in Port. St. Lucie, Florida.  Actually I don’t believe we can call this a campsite (smack my face)..this is a very upscale resort - so no doubt it has  fancy name for the parking spot and  i don’t  know what they call it - but i call it beautiful.   Port St. Lucie Site 54.1.jpgMost all sites are landscaped to the 9’s and the cement pad where you park has special coating or pavers.   Here is Tom cooking breakfast this morning at our site - #54.  The furniture in the background belongs to the owners and renters are not allowed to use it - which we understand.  No problem - we have our trusty Lafuma recliners and they did provide a picnic table - so as long as we have this and our cocktails - we are happy. 

Tonight we drive down to Boynton Beach and spend a couple nights with Tom’s folks.  Then on Monday, we all come back up here.  Port St. Lucie Site 54.3.jpgThey’ve not seen the Bus yet so we are eager to show them..our new hobby.   We’ll either do breakfast or lunch after that and then we head onto a campground near Santa Rosa Beach, FL. 

The weather is wonderful —- in the low 70’s.  Very nice.  Tom said i might like Florida this time of year and he is right.  Having a lot here would be nice.  Several are 4 - sale.  We took a walk last night to check them out.  Well we like #499 the best.  Largely because it is  already landscaped..and wider than the typical site.  Click here to see some pictures of that site and a few others of ours.  Only problem - we did not win the South Carolina - Lottery last Wednesday - so the closest we’ll come to owning one of these sites..is in our dreams for now. Unless Santa get’s real generous tonight.   

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that jazz.  Be safe.  No post from me until early next week.

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