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Live From Topsail

We’ve been @ Topsail for at least 6 or 7 days.  I’ve lost track.  Just a few more nights though.  Our original plan was to stay thru Thanksgiving, but that would have required driving home on Friday since Tom must return to work Monday so we decided to leave early - avoid the crazy drivers and spend turkey day @ Ortona.  Hopefully Ortona weather is as nice as Santa Rosa, FL.  It has been absolutely gorgeous and the campground has been nearly empty til yesterday.  Perfect time of year to be here. 

We’ve been exploring the area more than in years past.  A few days ago we took a day trip  over to Alabama to visit Bella Terra RV resort.  Nice place — we’d love to own a lot someday, but we are just not ready to commit…too many other priorities and we are not quite sure where we really want to buy so seems best to keep the money in the bank for now.   We also drove thru Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, AL.  Now that was amazing — they have 400+ sites there.  All full hookup. 

Besides enjoying our nightly camp fires, I’ve been piddling around inside.  Cleaning, purging, and reorganizing some cabinets, etc.  And shopping.  I found some great antique stores not far from the campground.  The Smith Antique Mall was my favorite.  I cannot believe it took me 4 years to discover these. They are just fabulous.  I love old shutters and I’ve seen several down here - some real unusual ones.  Probably abundant because of the number of old beach houses that had them.   I think these would make a great art piece in our stick home.  Haven’t bought any.  Yet. grin

I did buy this folk art angel.  $20.  She sits on top the valance in the bath.  The small thread spool was $3.  I found it at  an antique store near our home.  I’ve never seen anything like that before. 

And I found this new accent lamp at a lamp/shade store in Destin.  The perfect size for this small bath area.   It also has a dimmer switch.  Never seen that on a little lamp like this before.

As a part of the “redo” I’m still on the hunt for some other things — mainly for the front room now.  So the hunt continues.  I actually enjoy the hunt more than the find. 

That’s it for now.  Suppose to rain today, so I may sew.  I am working on two 12” quilt blocks for the bathroom walls.  Thought that may be the good way to finish off that room and make the valance tie into the wallpaper border.  We’ll see.  When I get more done I’ll post some pictures.


Today Just Wasn't Our Day

We left Topsail about 9 this a.m. — heading home.   Guess our Jeep did not want to go home yet.   

Luckily we had a safe place to pull over.  Called our Coach-Net service and the tire guy had us back on the road in less than an hour.  Of course it helps we had a full size spare.   Tom will get this one replaced when we get home.  Pretty ugly huh?  Damaged the back quarter panel of the Jeep too.  sigh