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Looking Good

We are just chillin here at Topsail, but not literally.  It’s pretty muggy this time of year making it nearly impossible to sit outside unless you enjoy feeling like a wet dish rag. 

Not me and not Tom.  So like everyone else here we bought a fan.   Good thing they only allow you to stay 2 weeks at a time otherwise we might see fridges, wading pools, maybe some pink flamingos - he he.  It’s a lovely campground — one of our favorites — I just wish it was cooler.


How about that Tom - looking good - eh?   Notice anything different? 

It’s the shorts.  He bought some new ones. Finally.  The old blue ones (yes at one time they were navy) are being retired. 

We should be burying them, but I think he needs time to grieve.  giggle  They were his favorites.   But besides falling apart — they were getting too big.  That Tom!  He has lost a lot of weight.  Just call him Mr. Discipline.  He’s the only person I know who can stick to a plan.  No matter what it is. 






Anyway -  the new ones are p.l.a.i.d.   I think my love of plaid is rubbing off on him.  Wish his discipline would rub off on me.   boo hoo   Oh well — I won’t dwell on it.. time to move on. 

Other things . . 

I’m loving my new sewing machine.  It is sewing fabulously.  Here’s a peek at the progress on the xmas tree skirt.  This has to be my best piecing effort - ever.   I’m amazed.  Can it be the machine?  Surely not??   I’m hoping it is the mole skin I’m using as my 1/4” guide.  That is working great!  Note to self — Good Grief - add a strip of it to the Bernina.

This is Miss Rosie’s State Fair pattern but I’ll be modifying it a little.  I want the finished size to be a bit larger, but without the pieced border so I’m making 36 center blocks vs 25.  And I’ll finish it with a red border to make it more Christmasy.    I plan to cut one side and add a circle in the middle like Crazy Mom did on her xmas skirt.   This is will be used for our small tree I use on the Bus.   We’ll be spending xmas on the Bus again this year.  Lots of projects to get done before then — wonder how many I’ll actually finish? 

We leave Topsail Wednesday a.m. — back to Ortona for a couple of days and then home.  My neighbor hasn’t called so I guess the house is still standing.  grin


Headed North

Well - the long trip begins.  We left home about mid-day and are spending one night @ Ortona COE campground.  The upper loop (our preferred area) is still closed.  They were suppose to be extending the length of the sites and adding a washer/dryer to the bath house.  None of that has even started.  Good grief — I wonder what happened?  The camp host does not know, but he figures it will not get done since the loop is due to reopen Sept 1.  What a disappointment. grrr

Anyway — here we sit in site 31.  Our first time in this loop and uh oh — Tom r.e.a.l.l.y. likes this site.  The shade trees are awesome.  It has a big patio and a huge space between the site beside it — # 32.   Great privacy.   Only problem — the trees block our roof top satellite.  I figured that would be the case and normally we would not mess with the portable unit for just one night, but you see Tom has to have his Tiger fix.  The PGA tournament is on this weekend. 

A big storm rolled thru about 5:30 p.m. — severe lightning, high winds…Oh Florida — I really dislike you!!!  It’s always so scary to me.  We lost power about 5 times — finally Tom switched over to the generator.  Too much interruption to the golf! 

Here’s what the sky looks like @ 8 p.m. and now it has started raining again.  rolling eyes

We expect to get to Red Bay, Al on Monday.  Lots of road time the next 3 days and then all the appointments begin.  I did not bring my sewing machine, but I did bring a quilt project to cut out.  I hope I don’t regret that.  

However, there is a Bernina shop in Florence, AL — about 35 miles from Red Bay.  Hmmm maybe I should drive in and pick up the Activa I’ve been wanting? My birthday is coming up… [cheesy grin]