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A Day @ Ortona - The Labor Camp

This is hard work — especially this time of year.

Passenger side — nearly done.

The wheels… starting to look better. We don’t do these all the time and it shows. And we forgot to bring our drill so we are unable to use our polisher attachments — which makes it easier.

Clean wheel fanatics will notice the inside holes are not shiny. That’s cuz I’m the one doing these. Personally I’d like the strangle the guy who invented holes that need to be shined.

Here’s Tom scrubbing down the other side.  All that is left to do — polish this side and the back and two more wheels. Soooo we are staying one extra day.  It’s too hot to be out here in the afternoon and well it’s time to watch g.o.l.f.


Other stuff … Ali and any other RVers who are interested here are some extra pictures of our current site — # 28.

Below the patio view. Not the best (imo) unless you turn your chairs away from the locks. Tom likes being close to the locks as he can get over to them quickly to watch boats go thru. The pile of grasses and weeds in the water is usually not there…probably a build up due to all the rain.

The grass around the sites needs to be mowed. It’s unusual for it to be so high. Course all the rain is one reason, but I suspect they’ll let it go since the loop closes July 1 for those renovations.

Below is a broader perspective. The first site on the left is # 30. Has the nice empty space on the patio side, but it’s even closer to the locks and it’s like sitting under spotlights @ night with all the security lights.

And the picture below shows how far the bath house is from us. About 3 sites away.

I did take some more individual site pics (upper loop) this a.m so I’ll add those to the photo album as soon as I get them all sorted out.  And before we leave I’ll get more shots of some lower loop sites.  Stay tuned.



Today we got the roof and all the awnings cleaned  B.I.G. job.  We were pooped.   Note to self — hire that done next time.  lol

By evening we were ready to relax and enjoy a campfire.

Cocktails ready

Logs started

Then the clouds rolled in.

Very quickly.

Not looking good - eh?

You’d be right. Within 5 minutes the wind was blowing fiercly.  Our chairs and rugs started to blow away. Tom raced to put all the stuff away….threw a bucket of water on the fire and we got indoors before the downpour.

The wind gusts were so high causing the slide toppers to flap too much so we brought in the slides.  We don’t do that very often.  Then we lost the satellite - so No TV, but the WiFi worked so I checked the weather map.

Here is what we were experiencing. Yikes! We are sitting where you see the circled plus sign.

So it goes in South Florida.  In the Summer. 

Tomorrow’s task — cleaning the outside of the Bus.  The walls and windows. 

I’m thinking we should try a morning campfire. With our coffee.   It’s always beautiful in the mornings.