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Is this Heaven?

WOW - We are here at Willowtree and i’m quite certain this is heaven.  Our drive down here was a bit longer than expected (3.5 hours) and very windy. Tom was ready to stop. willowtree 1sunset.jpg I took this picture during our walk around the lake on Friday.  I was trying to get a nice sunset - it’s a little dark but i love the reflection in the lake.  This is as good as the pics get from me folks - i lack the talent and equipment of our friend Sugarfused.  

And i took these 2 pics last night as i walked around this lake. 201966-291405-thumbnail.jpg
Pathway at back of lake
 Not only are the views incredible - but the pathways are in excellent condition - nice and flat for beginner bike riders like me.  201966-291407-thumbnail.jpg
Pathway on side of lake - opposite the CG

These pathways exist throughout the park - it’s truly amazing.  The one around the lake is 1 mile total and marked in feet for those who want to keep track of their distance. 

We are so relaxed - having campfires everynight - just sitting in our recliners - watching the lake.  Our original plan was to leave March 20, but Tom’s son is coming for a visit over Spring break on the 23rd so we decided to extend our stay and bring him down here. 

 This is a picture of our campsite now -  201966-291108-thumbnail.jpg
Site #8
it’s lovely — but we’d really like to try one of the hot tub sites.  They did not have any available this week - but they do for our last week.  So we’ll move to the one in pic below (site 16) on Sunday, March 19.201966-291421-thumbnail.jpg
Site @16
  Wait til you see the views from this site - incredible!

Told you - this is heaven.  I’m getting lots of exercise… i hope to increase my daily walks to atleast 3 miles a day and i could easily see biking just as much - if not more.  Gotta love those flat pathways


Tom said last night.. i’m quitting my job - (he’s kidding).  Guess i should tell him i’m moving in - permanently and not kidding.

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