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What A Day!

We had a blowout in South Carolina on I-26 near exit 19B.  Here’s a pic of it - the inside left front tire.   Eee Gawd - it sounded like a shotgun blast!!!   Fortunately Tom never lost control of the Bus and was able to pull over easily. Thank the Lord.  We immediately called Coach-Net, our emergency road service and they were excellent.  The first question they asked was “are you in a safe location” and then they started the search for a tire guy.   A big tire guy.  Which is hard to do on a Sunday.  sigh

3 hours later he showed up.  double sigh  That was a scary wait with all the traffic zooming pass us. 

We actually left the campground (which I’ll write about later) around 9:30 a.m. and finally made it to our destination Freightliner in Gaffney, SC by 8 p.m.   Cocktails are in hand and our heads to hit the pillow very soon!   We are wiped out - mentally. 

Tomorrow we are students.  Freightliner will be teaching us all kinds of things about our chassis for the next 2 days.  We also are scheduled for coach maintenance and a chassis inspection so we’ll definitely have them check things out underneath for any damage. 


Willow Tree's New Area

back view_new area.jpg

I added 7 pictures of the new area @ Willow Tree in my WT photo album.  Check it out if your interested.  This is a view looking towards the back corner.  The space between sites - seem much wider to me.   A few of the pics include some RVs parking in the area as they opened it up for business New Year’s weekend.   If your interested in lots of trees - you’ll want to stay in the area towards the back - especially sites 97 & 98.  I’m guessing Willow Tree will add pics of these new sites to their website soon since they now have pics of each site in the current area.  Check those out here

That’s it — i still think it is difficult to get a good perspective of the sites when they are so empty - but i figure something is better than nothing.  Enjoy.