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Sewing on the Bus

Sewing on the Bus.JPG

Sewing on the Bus was difficult.  Here’s proof i actually tried.   Truly i did.  But the 2 biggest problems for me — the chair and the lack of tabletop space.  I need to sit up higher to sew and this chair is not firm enough.   I think i could do it with the right chair and maybe my space issue was more a feeling than the lack of it.  Sure it is a smaller area — but with the Christmas decorations i felt stuffed into this corner while sewing.   It got to me.  I did sew some of the blocks for the Warm Woolen Mittens quilt - but since i wasn’t feeling comfortable — i packed it all back up and will resume work on it here at home. 

Sew it goes! 


Meanwhile - i did get the Just Can’t Cut it Quilt back from the quilter.  201966-613231-thumbnail.jpg201966-613232-thumbnail.jpgTom brought it down to me while we were at Willow Tree as i was eager to see it.  This quilt will be used as a cover up in our family room. 

I need to add the binding yet but this gives you an idea of the size & quilt pattern i selected.  The pattern is OK — but now that i see it i wish i had chose the same pattern i had used on my E_just can't cut it quilt 2.jpgbrother’s version of this quilt (below).  This new pattern is a bit too skimpy for my taste.  Oh well atleast i didn’t have to do it.



Christmas Recap

Poinsettia from Roy  Lowell.JPGChristmas Eve we met Roy & Lowell – fellow RVers who found us through my website and sent us a note about their plans to be @ Willow Tree over Christmas. How great is that? So we chatted with them for awhile and they gave us the grand tour of their Fleetwood Providence – which is a full wall slide. WOW is it big inside and so beautiful. They stayed until the day after Christmas enjoying lots of visits from friends who live in the Myrtle Beach area and the horrendous downpours all of us @ Willow Tree experienced. 

They left us this beautiful poinsettia the day they departed - so i figured i best take a picture – you know to prove it’s still alive. Thanks for the plant Roy & Lowell! I’ll try to postpone the funeral as long as possible but my track record is not good you see. I had 4 smaller poinsettias when we first arrived. One is still alive - but looking good and being alive is not the same thing – this I know from looking in the mirror each morning.

Anyway – the plants are the only inside Christmas decorations that remain – I took them all down today.

Yesterday we went to Broadway @ the Beach in Myrtle Beach - just walked around enjoying the sunshine, had lunch at Tony Romas, and then we went to see The Good Shepard. It was pretty good – but LOOONG. I wanted to see Dream Girls – but it was not playing anywhere nearby that I could find.

Today we are headed to Huntington Beach State Park. Several RVers rave about this place – so we must check it out to see if we want to return someday.

Some other scenes of Willow Tree from this trip …

Xmas Hats & Scarves
Tom & Rudolf
A better pic of the Bus with its hats and scarves and Tom and Rudolf getting ready for a fire one night. 

Tom Checking Lake View.JPGTom enjoying the lake views and the cottages @


Tom  Lucy  Willow Tree.JPG

And another rare shot of Tom & I together. This was taken by our new neighbors – Bob & Linda from Wilmington. They are here until after New Years.

Re: New Years – Tom and I will be spending it @ home. We’ve decided to leave early.  We’ve got some stuff we need to get done before Tom returns to work and they are predicting more rain New Years Eve - we prefer to not pack up or drive home in the rain.  I did get more pictures of the new sites - but i’ll create another post about those - probably when we get home where i have fast & reliable WiFi.