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Just Chillin' and Yakin'

Tom  the Christmas 2006_Tom  Fire.JPG

Wow - the weather this past week has been fabulous. Tom was here Saturday and Sunday and returned today for the rest of the month. Yes, finally - he deserves this break!

We are doing the typical RV stuff. Cookouts, walking, riding our bikes, campfires, watching movies and due to our location - trips to Camping World.  he he.   Here is Tom sitting in one of our newest CW purchases. We’ve been hunting for some good fireside chairs to replace our old flowered ones and we just love these. They sit so nice and firm - and are roomy. I’ll have to add a short paragraph in my “Stuff we Use” section — but not tonight. The WiFi is really SLOWWWWW - it’s taken me about 45 minutes to get to the point to add this post. grrrr

Re: movies — we rented 9 movies from Blockbuster today. Did you know you can keep 2-day movies longer than 2 days now? If not, check it out. If we return these by next Thursday - no penalty. That’s 8 days.  I learned this about a month ago. This will sure come in handy when we take some long weekend trips to North Bend. We can’t get our satellite to work in that CG — too many trees.

Sunday night we met some new RVers - Marilyn & Gordon from New Brunswick - Canada. We enjoyed some cocktails together and had a lovely visit. They spent 3 nights in the site next to us in their big 5th wheel but left this a.m. — for the warmer climate - in Florida. Someday we hope to see them again — it was fun! We expect to have lots of new neighbors soon - folks should be rolling in for Christmas and New Years.

Tomorrow is the day i drive the Bus up to the propane area. Assuming the moons are aligned properly tonight, the sun shines tomorrow, all children and pets remain indoors, the traffic police arrive on time, and Tom remembers to put out the orange cones. Well if all this happens - then it’s a go. But like Nasa - we’ll probably reschedule.


You Bought What ?

I went to Walmart to get a tracing pen so i can transfer the embroidery patterns for the Warm Woolen Mittens quilt and came home with … the pen, a sewing basket, a new comforter set and 3 bathroom towels.

Someday i’ll get going on that quilt i planned to do on the Bus – it just might not be this trip. 

Bedroom 1.JPG

Here are some pics of the updated bedroom.  I like the comforter colors, but the quality … hmmm i don’t care for – it’s not heavy enough so i’m going to return it.  The entire set cost $75 which included the comforter, 2 shams, and a bedskirt for a King size bed. 201966-591682-thumbnail.jpg201966-591683-thumbnail.jpg I don’t like bedskirts – and definitely not in the Bus. You see we must have “open areas” wherever possible to minimize the “we’re living in a closet feeling”.  The fabric is seersucker which has a nice casual feel – but it’s not quality fabric and i think it would fall apart eventually.

201966-591681-thumbnail.jpgAnyway this is just a test — i’ve been wanting to do something different in here - so i think i’ll design and make a quilt using these colors.  I’ve been playing with the Electric Quilt software i just bought and it so cool - this will be fun project. Just what i need - another project.

The throw pillows belong in the living area – i just put them in there to get ideas.  And the pictures on the wall — they are just cheap canvas prints i picked up at Kohls last year.  I don’t care for these either.  But now that i see color up there i might hunt for an unusual piece — something antique - architectural - i don’t know - just thinking out loud.

The new towels – I bought for Tom – he did not like the RED towels and either did i –  they screamed MERRY CHRISTMAS to us daily.  So they are history and now we have these rusty red towels.  What can i say - maybe these scream RUST – i don’t know – but they kinda blend with the woodwork (use your imagination folks) and if he doesn’t like these either - hmmm well we’ll just use them til they fall apart which might not take long since they only cost $7 each.

Bath 2.JPG

201966-591699-thumbnail.jpgNow taking pics of the water closet was a bit tricky — nearly impossible.  Not that anyone really cares to see this part of our Bus - but i wanted to point out the sign i found a couple months ago.  I like whimsy stuff — and this one spoke to me so i bought it then realized the only wall large enough to display it was in the throne room.   I tried to take a direct shot of it — i must have taken 15 pics — the flash would not work — you could not read the sign.  So this is the alternative.  2 shots.  You get the idea but still can’t read the sign.  It reads - “We may not have it all together , but together we have it all”.


P.S. Thanks Mike & George for suggestions of creating a post “offline”.  Great idea. 

Also - George regarding satellite internet. We’ve talked about it .  I think we’d do it if we were on the road 3-6 months of the year.   We’ve long thought WiFi access will become the norm over the next couple years.  It sure has improved a ton since we started RVing, but it’s not moving fast enough to suit me.