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Lucy's Company

Let’s try another post — via the Willow Tree WiFi.  It took foreeeeever to finish yesterday’s post.  You didn’t know that by reading it - but i got it part way completed — and then my connection went into slow motion again.  I don’t get it.  Oh well.

First — a shout out to my recent blog visitors.  I know you are all busy with your own holiday plans — so whether your an RVer, a fellow blog friend, or just an occasional visitor — thanks for checking in and i really appreciate your comments.  I hope you stay warm & safe this holiday season and get lots of goodies from Santa.  I sent off my Santa letter — i want a 2007 Mountain Aire.  he he he.  So there.  Now he knows, Tom knows, and so do you.  *Smile*

Moving on - to reality

Lucy's Company.JPGIn yesterday’s comments, Randy (Byrd1 - fellow NC RVer) asked about my weekdays.  I am alone - but not lonely.  I have my quilting projects and these carolers to keep me company.  LOL. Just kidding.

Actually i put this pic in to show you the tree.  I bought 2 of these this year - looks like birch strips to me.  I thought they were different — a little understated.  I tried to “pare down” the inside decorating this year.  As fellow RVers know - the walls can close in on you inside an RV.  I can’t stand for stuff to be left out or dirty dishes.  Coats must be hung up.  I vacuum nearly everyday.  Unless i keep it clean and “clutter free” it drives me crazy.  *sigh*

Fire Friends
Sorry - got distracted - back to the topic of  company.  There are several folks @ the campground - i have not met them all - and probably won’t, but i did meet  Dottie Pulsijers (sp?) and her husband yesterday.  They are from New York and visit Willow Tree every year, staying in the same site for about 6 months.  This is a picture of their site — that’s a 2003 40’ Alpine Coach.  Nice rig - eh?  I hear good things about Alpine.  I call them our Fire Friends  - as you can see they got a whole bunch of wood  and they invite fellow campers to enjoy a fire — usually 3 or 4 times a week.  Tom and I will probably join them when he returns.  Tom is working right now.  He was here over the weekend and will be returning for the rest of the year soon (just a few more days). 

Anyway, Dottie told me she drives their coach. WOW - i’m impressed.  I was very interested in hearing more - cuz Tom and i just discussed this last weekend.  I need to learn how to drive our Bus this next year.  It scares me to death - but i just have to know how to do this - in case of an emergency.  If something happens to Tom and i am unable to drive - we could be in big trouble.  So my first lesson will be driving it to the propane area — which is in the campground.  What a wimp i am.  LOL  But i say - baby steps — i must take baby steps first.  Maybe i’ll even try backing it into the site too.  We’ll see.  Dottie tells me in New York you have to get a CDL license to drive a rig their size — so she & her husband both had to take a written & driving test — and they even had to parallel park.  WHOA!  Look out.  Not sure i could do that.  Good Lord.   I’ve driven Uhaul trucks a few times.  A small one (10’) from NC to OK — all by myself.  And then i drove a 15’ Uhaul with a trailer attached so we could pull my son’s Jeep.  That trip was more difficult than the 10’ — it was quite windy.  But driving the Bus.. eeegawds -  i’m sooo scared to do it.. but i just have to. Somehow. 

2006 Xmas Trip_Willow Tree.JPGToday it was warm again - but a little more overcast.  Still it sure is nice to have the windows open.    The lake view is just  breathtaking - it’s hard to resist taking pictures of it.   This picture is from yesterday — another view.  The campground is not full - but atleast in this pic you can see we are not alone.  That’s our Fire Friends Alpine & their white car behind my Beetle.  It looks like they are right on top of us — but that’s just the angle - they are actually across the road.

Tomorrow i’ll add some pics of the “new sites”.  I took some - but i don’t like how they turned out. It’s difficult to get an attractive picture of that area — since the sites are empty - they don’t officially open til early next year. 

Til next time …  


This Is As Merry As We Get

2006 Xmas Site 17.JPG

Our holiday outside decorations are a bit skimpy - eh?   Initially i thought we’d deck out the site with lots of lights - we even bought 5 boxes @ Walmart, but then we ditched that plan.  Just too much work - we are here to relax - so we threw a couple santa hats  and scarves on the Bus mirrors, added a wreath, and called it done.    

I took these pics today — and believe it or not — i’m actually typing this post in the Bus.  The WiFi is better today — but i don’t know how long it will last. 

2006 Xmas Site 17 View.JPGToday’s weather was INCREDIBLE.  Sunny and warm (mid 60s). Quite an improvement from last Saturday night.  It got down to 19.  Brrrr.  So today i  spent alot of time outdoors and this p.m. sat in my LaFuma recliner @ the back of the site - facing the lake.  Here was my view.

Well - before i lose the WiFi entirely - here are a couple more pics i took this evening as i rode my bike around the lake.  The first a view of the campground from across the lake and the second a zoom of our campsite from the same spot.  Now this is quite a zoom feature - eh? 2007 Xmas Willow Tree CG View from Lake.JPG2006 Xmas Site 17 Zoom.JPG