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Well…we arrived at the Shangri-La campground after a long and very painful - and then beautiful drive.  Good thing - our day ended at Shangri-La! 

Man oh Man…the drive out of Canada and into New York was brutal. It all started when our GPS routed us thru the Thorold Tunnel.  So you ask - What could be worse than this? Yep you guessed it - CONSTRUCTION IN THE TUNNEL!  One lane - with cement barriers on both sides.  Immediately we thought - we cannot go thru here…and then saw a semi coming out the other side - whew!  While we didn’t want to go thru it - atleast we knew we would fit. Tom drove thru it - without a hitch and afterwords - he thanked me for not saying a word.  LOL - i was petrified…but I was also - so proud of him. 

Thorold Tunnel.jpg

Soon after the tunnel - we went across the border via the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge - which was also under construction and only 1 lane with cement barriers on either side.   Not only this but - we were in line with many, many trucks - all creeping across the bridge.  There were so many of us on it at the same time - I worried about terrorists - all those construction guys, all those trucks and us in the middle - ACK!  After we got thru that we had a few more narrow - tall bridges to go over in New York and then the crappy NY roads… All this in the 1st hour or so..  Brutal I tell you - Brutal.    

Lewiston-Queenston Bridge.jpg

I wondered if the 1st hour was a sign of things to come - but thank the Lord for U.S. 15 in Pennsylvannia.  What a beautiful road and the scenery was amazing.. it looked like a postcard.  Some very long steep grades - mind you, but just a breathtaking drive. We only had one little scare in PA - when we came upon a 12’10 bridge.  We pulled off to verify our Bus height.  While scrambling for the answer - we noticed our GPS was re-routing us around the bridge via some side roads.  Fate I tell you.  We could have made it - (Bus is 12’7) - I’m glad we never had to try.   

Oh yes - and then there is Shangri - La…Take a look at these campsite pics..  pretty nice - eh???  Great place - about 5 miles south of Milton, PA.  After that drive - we decided to stay here 2 nights.  On Friday, we went to the big RV show in Hershey, PA (about 1 hour south).  WOW - great show…..weather was nice and we met the owner of Tiffin Motorhomes, Bob Tiffin. Tom talked with him quite some time.  After seeing some other manuf. 2006’s - we would still pick the Bus.  We love it. 

Next stop - Richmond, VA - our final stop before Home!  Lucy

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Notice - the critical camping gear - my laptop!