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Burchfield Branch

Do you know where Burchfield Branch Branch COE is?  Well it is in Adger, AL off Lock 17 Road which runs up, down, round and round and quite possibly the entire state of Alabama —


Hmmm - well maybe not twice - but it is quite a long way off the main drag and sometimes we felt we were driving in a circle.  He He — maybe we were???


Tom and i and stayed 1 night @ Burchfield Branch so we could meet up with Nita and Eric who we met @ Topsail Hill in 2005.   Burchfield is one of their favorite nearby COE CGs.   Not a large place - only 35 sites and we had this nice site right on the water - though we did not spend much time on it.  Nope we had more important things to do. 


Nita and Eric invited us to dinner so we wined and dined and talked the evening away @ their site.  Yep - O’derves, rib-eyes, baked potatoes, asparagus - and an evening with friends.   Here are a couple of pics we took the next morning.


That my friends was our last official night of camping for our 2nd year of RVing.   A perfect end to another perfect year from perfect friends. Thanks for the fabulous evening Nita and Eric and the Christmas Ornament Nita — well you know i have just the spot for it. 


We're Here!

We got to Red Bay about 2:30 yesterday and have spent the last day sorting thru a major UGH problem.  Apparently there is a shortage of tile from the ‘06 Bus and the workers were told to reserve it for warranty work only.  It was quite upsetting to me because 201966-1014263-thumbnail.jpg
Before Tile Redo
i had spoke with the Tiffin guys 3 times over the last 2 months to verify they would have the tile and even offered to purchase it beforehand.  201966-1014265-thumbnail.jpg“Nope - they said you’ll have no problem - we have tons of tile”. Since we have limited time and drove 1200 miles, we decided to speak directly with Bob Tiffin vs. working the normal chain.  Without a blink of an eye - he authorized the purchase - so our Jeep is now loaded with tile.  Big Smile

We are moving the Bus to Ricky McGee’s house this p.m. - he’ll begin work tonight.  Ricky said we could stay in it @ night but we decided it would be less hectic for all of us if we just go to a hotel.

Bedroom%20Before.jpgHere are a few before shots — not easy to take pics of such small areas - but you get the idea.  The carpet under the sofa and the raised area in the bedroom remains - everything else gets tiled. 

I also ordered a new headboard - like what is available in the ‘08 Bus.  The folks @ the fabric shop are working on it now and Ricky will install it when it’s done.  We’ll be glad when this work is done and we can get back to RVing …

I have more to share about our trip up here — especially our stay with friends @ Burchfield Branch.   More on that later.