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Campsite Video

A first for me — videos.  My new camera can create videos so i created one on Sunday of a few campsites @ Goose Point including ours.  I uploaded the video to Google so i could share it here -  unfortunately it reduced the quality.

If interested, take a look … The clip starts @ site 20 — then moves counterclock wise — to site 21 (with 5th wheel), then site 19 - which is empty, then a front shot of site 17 (a little far away & hard to see) - then the remainder is a view of our site - #18.  It gives you a little more perspective than a photo.   I need to figure out if i can improve the quality - otherwise i’m not sure it’s worth the trouble to create them.  


Return to North Bend

Just like the movies - the sequels have started.  We returned to North Bend campground last weekend.  The Bus worked fine - thank the Lord - the weather was great.  What more could we ask for?? Well how about a backyard. That’s what we called it.  The site was huge.  

See that spot in the back left corner — that’s Tom  in our backyard.  

North Bend Site 135.1.JPG 

This is site 135.  We changed from our original plans.  Site 151 had more slope to it than what i remembered or was able to determine from the picture.  Fortunately they had a few openings so we were able to slip into this site for a small transfer fee.

The Point
Site 135 is just a short walk to this point.  We did not take our bikes (bad decision).  I’m still a little apprehensive about riding again - but a ride to the point and back would have been a snap.  Tom sure regretted not having his.  Oh well - live and learn.

Site 117
Hardly anyone stays in these sites - no hookups - or atleast they were not occupied much last weekend. The views here are fabulous.  But a few campers were using these sites for a picnic lunch or dinner.  The latter a great way to watch the sunset like in this site (117).  This is my favorite one on the point.  Too small for our Bus.  *sigh* 

But we did not do dinner at the point this time - we had campfires in our backyard.

North Bend Site 135.2.JPG 

Site 193
We will catch the sunset next time @ this site.  Stay tuned for North Bend III - scheduled to air the last weekend of October. 

Buy hey - I want to know - when do the royalties kick in and how much can i expect?

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