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RVing With Lucy - in Virginia - Part 1

Want to come RVing with us?   I took lots of pictures on our last trip.   Lots.  Not just tourist scenery shots folks - no my intent was to share the complete experience with you.  Like riding in the bus, setting up camp, the unusual things we see - etc.         

I may make this a regular feature of the blog following future trips — we’ll see how it goes — it might get B O R I N G after a while - but one thing for sure i must get better at always having the camera ready for those unexpected things we see.  I did get some this trip, but i also missed a real doosie - a large homemade spaceship in a front yard in the country.  What? Yep - i kid you not.  Could have been a ” Klaatu barada nikto” moment - i guess, but the earth did not stand still  - not that day. 

rving with lucy.jpgSo here goes..a recap of our trip to Virginia but first an intro to riding in the Bus.

Come on in the seats are comfy, we have GPS, Sirius Radio, a fridge with cold drinks, a bathroom, a bedroom, a tub, a 32” TV — well you get the picture. This is not your mother or father’s RVing (i’m guessing - wasn’t mine) but we are wimps - we like love our comforts.

201966-344416-thumbnail.jpgHere is Tom’s seatHe has all the power — those gauges, buttons, radio controls, jake brake .. it’s all on that side of the Bus and i’m glad it’s over there — out of my reach.   

201966-344400-thumbnail.jpgand here is mine.

Yep that is a recliner and it is f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. and a throw i use to cover up if i get cold.  Remember Tom has the temp controls. 

I’m the co-pilot.  I use to hate this job - before we bought the Bus that is.  But now i love it — more on that later.


And here is where our guests would sit. 201966-344408-thumbnail.jpg

Course they must buckle up - so they cannot sit at the dining table or in the Euro Recliner that you can kinda see on the left - nope they must sit on the sofa.  But it is just as comfy as the other seats.  This side of the Bus slides out when we park it.  It would be a little cozy when traveling - but we don’t have many guests.. our kids are grown and live out of state.

and here is the TV.  We don’t usually have this on while traveling — and in some states i believe it is against the law to do so — but technically it is possible and we were criminals for a while last September on our maiden voyage — it’s how we kept up on the Katrina Bush/Fema/Brown/Nagin/Blanco disaster.   

201966-344426-thumbnail.jpgWe have in-motion satellite so it works — even going down the road. 




And here is Tom’s seat again - with him in it.  I take him everywhere i go (in the RV). 201966-344553-thumbnail.jpg He drives all the time, likes to drive and i’m glad. 



He does want me to learn to drive — in case of an emergency i must know how..but it scares me to think about doing this.. sigh





lgb_co pilot.jpgAnd this is me doing my co-pilot job.  I know what your thinking, but there is more to this job… than the foot action…Trust me.  More on that later.

So off we go….a few miles (too many) are thru in-town traffic. Now this guy —- he’s giving us fair warning….STAY BACK. lgb_red truck.jpg 

Those trucks don’t bother us much — but the semi trucks  — 201966-344970-thumbnail.jpgsometimes bother me..

Whoa… now this is getting up close and personal .. Yikes!  You get use to it though —- they pass us all the time - except when going up hill.. then we pass them. 

just can't cut it quilt 024.jpgOur 400 Cummins Engine — scoots by them easily.

201966-344987-thumbnail.jpgAnother thing you get use to … these overpasses.  Our GPS makes sure we don’t travel on roads with bridges too low for us.   lgb_overpass closeup.jpg

But the 1st few times you go under these — you wonder — will you fit!!!  lgb_toad tv.jpg

But we do.  No problem you see if we had not fit..we would not see our Jeep in the little TV.  Is this cool?  We can see everything behind us as we travel.  What a great invention.  When Tom uses the turn signals — it switches the view to the side of the Bus.  Good to have this feature - so we don’t run over anyone.  You know we can’t see thru walls.  If your ever driving by big motorhomes like us.. don’t hang around the side of them too long - ok?  They may not have a side camera.

Here is where our North Carolina taxes .. are not being spent.  This is I-85. lgb_bad road.jpg

Oh well —- we are almost there.. our exit is just ahead and we crossed the state line. lgb_virginia.jpg                                


To be continued - tomorrow . . .

It takes time to sort thru all these pics and tell the story. Attention spans may be too short, etc..



Last Campground - Headed Home

Fredericksburg KOA Site.jpgThis is it! The end of our maiden voyage!  We love this lifestyle.  The last 2 campgrounds have been heavily wooded - lots of folks just relaxing outdoors - enjoying their campfires and many cooking breakfast outdoors.  I told Tom yesterday - we gotta get us a camp stove.  But - we are 21st Century campers - we still want the hookups and cable and of course i must have WiFi.  i must!


We are staying at the Fredricksburg KOA in Virginnia. We drove 228 miles yesterday..it tooks us about 5 1/2 hours which included a stop for refueling - that takes awhile (and big $$) when the tanks holds 150 gallons.  This campground is way, way, way off the main road.  Unusual for KOAs…the access road is very narrow —— real narrow.  But once we got here - very nice.  201966-172368-thumbnail.jpgThere are many BIG 5th wheels and a 45’ Essex right down the road from us.  Tom had to back into this site and he did a great job - turned the Bus .. left then right and presto - he was in the pefect spot.  Did i mention I was giving him signals from behind? Not sure how much value I add..he does most of the work.

Our drive to Fredricksburg was easy - until we went around Washington D.C… that was very hectic….multiple lanes…merge onto other lanes - very suddenly - and drivers are aggressive.  Tom handles these difficult drives in a calm determined manner..never says a word. Then when its over he says - I did not like that drive.  Like he was asking for someone to pass the salt!  Me -  I’m putting on the brake….off and on the entire way (that helps you know) and hanging onto the side talking to the idiots who swerve in front of us and ride the line..so there are only inches!  Tom says nothing to me at the time - but later laughs and imitates my reactions. I did convince Tom to lay on the Hadley Horn.. one time.. I felt better!

We bought the patio rug in above pic at the Hershey PA RV Show.. and now we don’t like it.  Too small.  Tom thought it was 9 X 18 - thinks they gave us the wrong one.  Now that i’ve looked at it couple days later - i think its a bit too colorful.  So more shopping to do and below are a few pics of our navigation system with our route home on display.  This system is worth a million dollars to me - since I don’t have to explain where to go and when. Thank the lord!

Gotta go - Tom says - lets get on the road before 10 today. 

Picture 174.jpg

Picture 175.jpg

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