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RVing Year 2 - Recap

All this for a computer glitch?
Our 2nd year of RVing started on the hook (Yikes - every RVers worst fear)  and midway through the season we were transferred from NC to FL.  Whoa — we were not expecting that.   

As a result of the move,  I had to cancel a big Spring trip planned in NC, TN, and GA and overall our time on the road was reduced significantly.  We logged 3,900 miles, traveled in 4 states and stayed in only 8 campgrounds, however, 2 of those stays were  extended ones  for a total of 50 nights.  Yep you could say we got a little taste of living on an RV and we are still married - imagine that. 


Here were the highlights …

Fall 2006 - Cummins Atlantic - Kenly, NC; Boydton, VA; Bassett, VA

Our site @ North Bend - with the big backyard!
Initially our Fall plans were to kick off with a 10-day return trip to Willow Tree RV resort in Longs, SC, but our Bus Blues put the skids to that. Crud.  The good news though the blues were short lived and the problem was simply  a computer glitch.  Geez! 

We got back on the road quickly and set out for return trips to North Bend and Goose Point — the 2 CGs we visited in the Spring.  207967-475353-thumbnail.jpg
Tom in the backyard
I guess we are like trees - ready to just let go, relax and prepare ourselves for winter.  We did not do any additional exploring — we just spent some down time enjoying the views and campfires.    

Before these 2 trips, I bought a new digital camera (Canon Powershot) to replace the one destroyed in my bike accident.  Hopefully my picture taking skills will improve and maybe i’ll try videos more next year - if I can figure out how to make the quality better.  But for now click here to see a short clip of our Goose Point site and those surrounding.  P.S. Later I learned it records sound (duh) — so next time you’ll hear more than birds chirping.

Winter 2006 - Longs, SC

Christmas on the Bus
This year instead of making 2 holiday trips (Thanksgiving and Christmas), we decided to make  one extended trip - over Christmas. We spent the entire month of December  @  Willow Tree RV Resort on a supersite with a glorious lake view.  201966-581543-thumbnail.jpg
The Tree — and it fits!
It was the first year - ever I did not put up a Christmas tree in our stick  home which kind of bothered me, but it was a fun challenge to find unique Xmas items that would fit in the Bus so I  did buy a few new decorations.  Like I needed more. rolling eyes

Tom  had to work about 2 of the 4 weeks of our stay  so he commuted back to NC a few times while I stayed on the Bus and since I was alone at times I brought  my sewing machine & a few projects figuring I’d work on these.  However,  that plan did not work out so well.  It was really too congested with all the decorations and I could not seem to focus on it.

Roy and Lowell
A key highlight of our trip - we met several RVing couples during our stay - 2 of which I first met thru the blog and now stay in touch with.   Roy and Lowell from VA went full time shortly after we met them - they keep a blog which you can read here . 201966-1054755-thumbnail.jpg
Sonny and Pat on their way out West

And Sonny and Pat also from VA - they are (as I write this)  making their first trip out West in their Suncruiser unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the 2 of them together — yet.  smile

I’m taking copious notes about their travels and Pat keeps me posted on Willow Tree - as they have returned to it and plan to continue to do so as it is one of their favorite CGs too.

Ahhh - A Willow Tree Campfire !
he weather varied from sunny and pleasant with wonderful 60 degree temps, to days of downpours where we watched DVDs all day long, and a couple of frigid nights where we worried about freezing water pipes.  But we did get in some great evenings @ the campfire. 

Tom enjoying the view from behind our site
We learned about our move to Florida midway thru this trip so we were a bit preoccupied with all the changes ahead of us (part of why I could not concentrate on sewing), but overall it was a great trip and we are glad we got to spend the time there as who knows when we’ll get back to the place we call Heaven.



Winter / Spring 2007 -   Pembroke Pines, FL; Alva, FL; Fort DeSoto, FL

CB Smith Park - Our home while house hunting
Yep  after Willow Tree,  we went into a frenzy as we prepared for a major life  change — moving from North Carolina to Florida.  With a list a mile long and our heads spinning we solved a key need right away - storage for the Bus.  Whew!

The space was ready in early February so we decided to snatch it up right away and took the Bus down for our house hunting trip.  201966-810637-thumbnail.jpg
Nobody move - please !
We stayed @ C.B. Smith Park, a nice county park not far from the communities we were targeting.  Everything was coming together so nicely but then we  saw the storage spot and the reality of Florida life hit us hard.  High prices — small spaces.

Goodbye NC
We spent one week @ C.B. Smith park, found our dream home, squeezed our Bus into its new home, and headed back North to put the NC home on the market.  201966-700768-thumbnail.jpg
Hello FL
By the end of February we had sold our NC home and at the end of March we drove to Florida and moved back into C.B. Smith park for 2 weeks as we waited to close on the FL home.    We moved in the middle of April and  spent the next several weeks buried in boxes.  Whew!  Obviously there was a lot more to that  but it’s not RV related… thank goodness as I can’t imagine trying to add more highlights to that story.

Beautiful Riverbend
By the end of May, we were eager to get back on the road before Florida’s raining season began so we took off 201966-840580-thumbnail.jpg
Tom & Thomas Edison
for a two week trip to explore Western Florida stopping first @ Riverbend Motorcoach Resort in Alva, FL. We spent 3 nights  in the area, touring Fort Myers,   Tom Edison’s Winter home,  and Sanibel Island. 

Tom @ our Fort  DeSota Campsite
We continued on to Fort DeSoto taking along the entire population of Love Bugs in Southeast Florida with us.  Ugh!  We learned this is the time of year they mate and seem to love diesel fumes.  Of course.  201966-827059-thumbnail.jpgAfter the bug cleanup, we enjoyed 4 nights @ the popular Fort DeSoto Campground and took some day trips to see the sights including a stop at Lazydays - the largest RV dealer in the Southeast.

Just before leaving on this trip, we learned an indoor storage spot had opened up so upon our return we backed the Bus into this spot out of the elements of Florida and all that it might entail.   More $$ of course.  

Summer 2007 -  Jupiter, FL; Naples, FL; Adger, AL; Red Bay AL

In June, the Gods smiled on us again when we discovered Land Yachts, an RV service shop in Jupiter, FL.  We had a few things that needed repaired plus an outstanding recall and they fixed us right up.   We are blessed.

Pelican Lake
In July, the skies opened up on Florida and did not stop for weeks.   Our choices were to stay home and watch TV or take the Bus our and watch TV.  We stayed home most of the time except for one weekend towards the end of August.  We figured the Bus needed some exercise so we took a chance and spent the weekend @ Pelican Lakes Motorcoach Resort in Naples, FL.  A beautiful place — and yes we missed the rain, but not the mosquitoes.

At the end of August, we made a trip to Red Bay to get our carpet replaced with tile.  We decided in June to tackle some 201966-1020837-thumbnail.jpg
Nita, Eric, and Tom
renovations  as we plan to keep the Bus several more years.  Our goal was to get these  done before the Florida RV season begins which of course is Winter.  So while our 2nd year officially came to a close in Red Bay, the last real camping experience was with Nita & Eric - friends we met @ Topsail in 2005 who also own an Allegro Bus (2007).   We arranged to meet them @ Burchfield Branch COE in Adger, AL and we are so glad we did.  They were gracious hosts,  treating us to an enjoyable evening of fun, food, and wine at their campsite.  Now that’s the way to end another great year.


If your truly interested in reading more detail about any of these trips you can find them here.  You will have to page through them.   Or you can read about the specific stops by State or read a CG review by accessing the campground link on the side bar menu or simply click here.  Journal links are at the top of each CG page.  You can also read our recap from Year 1 - here.

It amazes me that I can continue to talk about RV stuff beyond what i post in a journal entry, but last year a couple of readers asked some questions and as a result I created these new sections. 

  • Finding Campgrounds contains the resources I use to find places to stay.  I add to it whenever i find a cool link especially ones with lots of pictures.  smile
  • Stuff We Use   Some RVers share their technical upgrades, I share how we organize, create interior comforts, etc.  Rest assured you’ll never see techie advice on this site as we are not DIY people - we are “write the check” people. 
  • Road Notes - Just things we have seen or experienced on the road that make us laugh.  Tom says I need to start taking pictures of odd signs — so maybe next year i’ll give that a shot.   
In closing, i’m so delighted to have met more readers in person and to expand my daily read to include other RVer blogs.  I love reading about others’ trips or their everyday life so if you have a site I don’t know about please add a comment or drop me an email.  
That’s it -  now onto Year 3.  Safe travels to all.

Burchfield Branch

Do you know where Burchfield Branch Branch COE is?  Well it is in Adger, AL off Lock 17 Road which runs up, down, round and round and quite possibly the entire state of Alabama —


Hmmm - well maybe not twice - but it is quite a long way off the main drag and sometimes we felt we were driving in a circle.  He He — maybe we were???


Tom and i and stayed 1 night @ Burchfield Branch so we could meet up with Nita and Eric who we met @ Topsail Hill in 2005.   Burchfield is one of their favorite nearby COE CGs.   Not a large place - only 35 sites and we had this nice site right on the water - though we did not spend much time on it.  Nope we had more important things to do. 


Nita and Eric invited us to dinner so we wined and dined and talked the evening away @ their site.  Yep - O’derves, rib-eyes, baked potatoes, asparagus - and an evening with friends.   Here are a couple of pics we took the next morning.


That my friends was our last official night of camping for our 2nd year of RVing.   A perfect end to another perfect year from perfect friends. Thanks for the fabulous evening Nita and Eric and the Christmas Ornament Nita — well you know i have just the spot for it.