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Mackinaw or Mackinac ???

We always wondered - which is it Mackinaw or Mackinac? Per our tour guide on Mackinac Island the “c” is silent.  Mackinac is the French spelling and Mackinaw is the British spelling.  So now we know and so do you.  We spent 2 nights at Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground which is right on Lake Huron.  In fact our campsite was directly in front of the lake.  We could see Mackinac Island out our front windshield and to the left we could see that hilacious bridge.  Here are a few pics of our site, one looking down the road to our right and a couple showing that beautiful view out the windshield.  Pretty cool - huh? 

Picture 080.jpg

Picture 082.jpg

Picture 074.jpg

Picture 065.jpg

This is a huge campground - over 600 sites.  We felt fortunate to get the site we did - because of the view…but the site size - was a bit cramped.  Supposedly they are 30 feet wide, but I’m not sure that is true.  Didn’t measure it though.  They allowed campfires but we did not feel there was adequate room to have a fire safely.  The pool was still open, but their little store and internet cafe were already closed for the season.  Literally - Tom peeked inside the store window and the shelves were entirely empty.  It cost us $31/night for this site - which included water and electric only.  We used our Direct TV satellite and it worked perfectly. 

Our 2nd day in Mackinaw City it rained and was cloudy most of the day - Where did this come from - that was not part of the plan.  Oh well - we took our rain gear and went to Mackinac Island anyway - which was a 15 minute ferry ride.  No motorized vehicles are allowed on this island. Transportation consists of walking, horses, or bicycles. We walked up and down Main Street - which is largely fudge shops, restaurants and mediocre tourist shops - I was disappointed there were not a few “better tourist shops”.   We finally found one that had some decent looking sweat shirts and tees.  We walked up to Fort Mackinac - which was quite the steep walk but what a great view!  Then to see more of the island, we took a 2 hour carriage ride.  A good day - even though it rained most of the time. Click here to see a few more pictures taken on Mackinac Island.  Next stop Traverse City, Michigan. 


WHOOOAAA - What A Bridge!

Our drive from Rapid River to Mackinaw City was a little over 2 hours.  All but the last few miles were on US 2 - around Lake Michigan.  It was an easy drive and very, very pretty.  Many parts took us right along the lake - with scenic places to pull off to take in the view.  I say easy - uh - except for the Mackinaw Bridge! We usually have a celebratory beer after setting up camp - this time we had many - many!   

 Drunk.  Drunk. 

Just page down and look at the pics below - and you’ll understand why. This is the longest two tower suspension bridge between anchorages in the western hemisphere - and 3rd worldwide.  The entire bridge is 5 Miles long.  A white kuckled drive and ride - for sure!  Tom managed it perfectly - but he admitted it was frigthening.  We both felt like we were going to fall off the side.  I swear the bridge side railings are only as high as our RV tires. The lanes are very narrow and parts of the bridge are under construction - very scary - sure glad that part is over. 

Mackinaw Bridge_Pic1.jpg

Mackinaw Bridge_Pic2.jpg