I’m a plaid gal.  Obviously.  This page provides tips on where to buy designer fabrics at a discount, but I have included the fabric name and color info for each fabric I used if interested.    

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Front Room






Where to find designer fabrics …

  • I shopped via books @ local custom designer shops and then went online and found places to buy @ a discount.  Most local shops will pass along a discount if you buy 5 or more yards, but the discounts will be larger if you can find an online company.   Often the back of the book includes the retail prices.   Some shops allow you to checkout books for a few days which is always helpful. 
  • If you are in a large metropolitan city you probably have a couple of stores that carry bolts of a lot of different fabrics.  These are generally bought direct thru mills so the discounts are larger and passed onto you.
  • If you don’t live near larger cities, you can still get designer upholstery or window fabrics through Jo Ann Fabrics or Hancock Fabrics, etc.  They offer some nice selections too. 

To find a store near you I’d suggest you just Google designer fabrics by your city name and that usually gives you a list of places to get started. 

Online Fabric Shops who sell to the public …

Fabrics and Home

Fast with the quotes.  Processing fees higher than the others, but very professional and very reliableThey also offered a better price on the Fabricut fabrics so I wish I had found them sooner.  :-).

Inside Fabric

My favorite source, as you can do it all online yourself once you have the pattern and color numbers, but they do not sell Fabricut.  My local designer shop told me that Fabricut’s online system is not always current so she always has to call to check availability and to order.  The sales gal @ Inside Fabric told me the same.  A pain to work around, but they offer the largest selection of “less expensive” designer fabrics.  

Interior Mall

The least impressive website and their ordering system is slow — it’s all done manually so you really need to get a good sales rep.  I had both good and not so good experiences. 

Fabric Samples …

Most of the above internet stores will order samples of your choice for approx $10.  Use to be $5 and they would just deduct that fee if you placed an order.  Now they just include a stamped return envelope to get a refund which is optional.  I usually keep my samples as I can always find a use for them in a little project.

Fabrics I used for this project …   The cording I used was pretty pricey, but I wanted something more elegant than the typical thick yarn cording Tiffin often uses.  


  • Manufacturer: Fabricut
  • Fabric Name: Cerebus
  • Colors:  Front room - Chocolate; Bedroom - Shoreline

Mini check

  • Manufacturer: Fabricut
  • Fabric Name: Prototype
  • Colors:  Front room - Mushroom; Bedroom - Haze

Middle layer Front room

  • Manufacturer: RM CoCo
  • Fabric Name: Lowboy
  • Color: Spice

Bottom layer Bedroom

  • Manufacturer: Fabricut
  • Fabric Name: Van Helsing
  • Color: Mushroom

Top Layer Bath

  • Manufacturer: Fabricut
  • Fabric Name: Prototype
  • Color: Haze

Bottom Layer Bath

  • Manufacturer: Fabricut
  • Fabric Name: Frenzy
  • Color:  Serenity


  • Manufacturer: Duralee
  • Cording Size/Number:  3/8” cording with lip #7247
  • Colors:  Front room - Chocolate: #289  Bedroom & bath - Mocha: #155