Finding Campgrounds


How do I find campgrounds? Anyway I can. Here is an alphabetical list of all the resources I use, general information about what you’ll find at each, and some comments about my experiences, etc. The camera icons indicate whether you’ll find pictures @ these sites. The more icons the more pictures. Whenever I find a new one I add to this link … especially ones with lots of pictures.


Campground Report Tiny Camera.jpg

This is a fairly new CG review website. Reading the experiences of other RVers is a great way to select or rule out a place to stay. This new site is growing quickly and allows RVers to include up to 4 pictures with each review. This resource will have secondary links to the actual campground website if it exists.


COE - Corps. of Engineers - Tiny Camera.jpg

COE CGs are simply fabulous A favorite of ours. They tend to have large spacious sites, impeccably maintained, and cheap. Some COE CGs have “no hookups” and others have sections where you will get water & electric only. This link will open to a click able U.S. map. to locate the CGs near you. It can get confusing navigating this site - i often find myself lost in the maze of secondary links. You may see some pictures here, but if your like me you stumble onto them by accident. Note - Recreation Gov (explained below) handles most (but not all) COE CG reservations. For e.g., they do not manage the CG on the NC side of John H. Kerr Dam - but they do for the VA side.


Dale Hollow Lake CG Pics (TN) Tiny%20Camera.jpgTiny%20Camera.jpgTiny%20Camera.jpg

This lake which is Northeast of Nashville has 4 COE CGs ( Dale Hollow, Lillydale, Obey River, Willow Grove). We have never camped here, but I’m sure we will someday. This link will sure be helpful in picking a site. Checkout the link to individual CGs to see pics of every site. Make reservations thru Recreation.Gov - see link below.


Fort De Soto Park CG Pics (FL) Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

This CG in Pinellas county and not far from St. Petersburg, Florida has fabulous campsites - most directly on the water. This link will take you to an interactive map of the 3 different loops with a picture of each site. Just click on a specific loop and follow the directions. Make reservations through this same website but be aware - they do not issue refunds if you must cancel.

Google Web & Image Searches Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

When i’m hunting for pictures of a campground and having difficulty i sometimes get lucky by googling the campground name. I might find a personal blog or public photo album of folks who have visited it. Google robots index websites frequently - so check back - it changes often.


Goose Point Campground (VA) Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

Goose Point is a fabulous COE Campground on Philpott Lake outside Bassett, VA (where they use to make the furniture). This is an interactive map containing a picture of every campsite. Make reservations via Recreation Gov - see link below.


Here’s Lucy Campground Reviews Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

I write a short review (well sometimes short) of each campground we visit and include atleast 1 picture of our campsite. My trip journals often have additional pics embedded in them— you’ll find a link for the journals @ the top of each state’s campground folder.


Ted Houghton Trip Pics Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

Ted is an RV.NET forum member (wxtoad) who owns a Lazy Daze motorhome. He has a fabulous website where you will find great pictures of many local, COE and State campgrounds along the East Coast, a few private CGs and also some military campgrounds. Recently Ted has started touring places out West…so of course he is sharing his great stays there too.


Lake Hartwell Campgrounds (GA & SC) Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

Lake Hartwell near the border of Georgia & South Carolina has 9 COE campgrounds. This link will take you to a summary page with secondary links to view — every campsite @ all 9 campgrounds. Just follow the links to the “photo” area of each campground and you eventually get an interactive map. Click on the site #’s to see the pics. Make reservations via Recreation.Gov - see link below.


Lake Sidney Lanier Campgrounds (GA) Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

Lake Lanier is Northeast of Atlanta and has 9 COE campgrounds. This link will take you to a COE website summary page. On the side bar menu you will find a link to “campground maps”. Click on this to get an interactive map of each campground with pictures of every site. We stayed @ Old Federal in April of 2008 - checkout a few pics of our stay here. Make reservations through Recreation Gov - see link below.



Just type “campground” in the place name field then enter a city and/or state and mapquest will display all the CGs and flag their locations with pin markers by number. The CG name and addresses will show on the right. Pretty cool. Checkout this blog post to see an example.


Missouri State Parks Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

Missouri has over 40 State Parks. This link will take you to their website to reserve a site and to learn more information about each park. Within each park - there is link to an interactive campground map (usually at the top). Click on the site #s to see a picture of each campsite. Self explanatory. We have not stayed @ any Missouri State park CGs — so i have no clue which are the best parks or how easy it is to get into them, but this information impressed me so much - i had to share it.


Mountaindale Campground (CO)Tiny Camera.jpgTiny Camera.jpgTiny Camera.jpg

This campground is in Colorado Springs. We have never been here - but any CG website that includes a picture of every site is one i want to remember. Hopefully they are still around when we get out West - in the year 2525. smile

North Bend COE Campground Pics (VA) Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

During our stay @ North Bend i took many campsite pictures of this fabulous campground. 39 pics in total so check them out. Make reservations via Recreation Gov - see link below.


Recreation Gov (formerly Reserve USA) Tiny Camera.jpg The is an online reservation service for the USDA Forest Service, Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation outdoor recreation facilities and activities. It is setup and managed the same as Reserve America and it also may include “featured photos” of a campground site, etc.


Reserve America Tiny Camera.jpg (note this link opens a new window)

This is an online reservation system to many Federal, State and a few private campgrounds. It has great information about the amenities available - such as site length, how shady it is, if it is close to water, does it have water & electric, etc. You can reserve specific sites and you must pay for the total stay upfront - however they have a reasonable cancellation policy. Check the website for reservation details. Most (but not all) campgrounds listed include some “featured photos” so you might get a general idea of a typical campsite.


RV.NET - Campground forum - This is a very active and high traffic forum. You can ask questions here and get several responses in less than 1/2 hour (usually). I sometimes ask questions, but i prefer to just search past postings. E.g., searching on “Goose Point” in just the campground section will give me a list of topics containing Goose Point for the last 12 months. Read through those and be sure to checkout the profile information of posters — it sometimes includes a link to member blogs, photo albums.


RV Park Reviews - The veteran campground review website most often used & recommended by RVers on the forums i visit. Tons of reviews can be found here as well as links to the campground websites if they exist.


RV Parks & Campgrounds - This is a good resource to locate a list of campgrounds by state, city, or a region within a state. A link to the CG website exists where applicable. This site comes in handy for me if i’m looking for a CG near a particular city. Sure you can probably find the same info in Trailer Life or Woodalls - but i like websites that are easy to use and this is about as simple as it gets.


Seven Points Campground Pics (TN) - Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

Per Recreation Gov website this is one of the most visited COE CGs in the nation. Located on J. Percy Priest Lake, it has 64 sites and only seven miles east of Nashville. We have not stayed here - but drove thru it in Sept of ‘07 and took pics of several lake front sites and a few other sites that were nearby - 13 pics in total. We would love to stay here someday. Very, very nice.


Silver River State Park Pics (FL) - Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

We stayed @ this CG for just one night on our way to Topsail. Great place — we’ll be back for sure. Checkout the link above to see pics of 20 sites. Make reservations through Reserve America link above.


Topsail Hill State Park Pics (FL) Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

Pictures of every campsite @ Topsail - taken by a member of the RV.NET forum. I have some additional Topsail site pics in my photo album - they might offer a different view of parts of the CG. You can find them here. Make reservations for this campground through Reserve America - see link above.


Webshots Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

This is a popular online photo album website that many RVers use. When i’m desperate to locate pictures of a campground i search this site.  You’d be surprised what you can find and you do not need to be a member to conduct searches.  While you see only pictures here — i only flag this with 2 camera icons. The albums tend to be high on people pics — and low on actual campsite photos. But something is better than nothing.


Willow Tree RV Resort (SC) Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg

This resort in Longs, SC is one of our favorites. They recently improved their website to include pictures of every site.  This link should open up to the site map. Click on the siite numbers to see the pic.   In mid 2006, the resort added 40+ new sites.


2007 Woodalls.jpg The traditional resource that most every RVer uses - the campground book. I prefer Woodalls but i have used Trailer Life and Frommers. I tend to use these books when on the road and i don’t have access to the internet.

The pages in the Trailer Life book are thinner - feels like tissue paper and the maps are in the front of the book vs. with each State. I find it more difficult to use for thse 2 reasons.

Frommers has great information not found in Woodalls or Trailer Life - e.g., They rank CGs by their beauty - spacious sites - etc., but they have not visited every CG in a State so if you rely on this book alone you’ll miss some good places to stay. But the pages are thick - i like that. Silly i know. You can buy these @ any large bookstore. Both Trailer Life & Woodalls offer online versions - but I don’t use these either. Obviously these are popualr resources and some folks really prefer them - so by all means give it a try if you want a packaged solution.


Winfield COE CG Pics (GA) Tiny%20Camera.jpg Tiny%20Camera.jpg Tiny%20Camera.jpg

We stayed @ Winfield COE in Appling, GA for 3 nights in April of 2008. These are a sample of the type of sites you’ll find here plus some shots of the lake and faclities. The lake levels were extremely low due to the drought of the past 2 years.

Yosemite Campgrounds (CA) Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg Tiny Camera.jpg New idea.

Someone on the RV.NET forum posted this link — Whoaa… What a great find! We have not been to Yosemite yet and it may be years (like another decade perhaps) but I sure hope this link is still active. Through this link you’ll find pictures of every campsite for these 6 campgrounds - Lower Pines, Northern Pines, Upper Pines, Tuolumne, Crane Flat, Hogdon Meadow, and Wawona. I bet there are hundreds of pictures - many good ones but also some taken at strange angles where you cannot really tell what the heck you are looking at. Psychotic. Oh well guess it’s better than nothing. Make reservations through Recreation.Gov (link above).