Thomson - Thomson Causeway - This is a Corp. of Engineer Campground on the Mississippi River in Northwest Illinois directly off Rt. 84 which is about 34 miles North of I-80.  $16/night, 50 amp, no water or sewer, but several water spigots exist in each loop.  

Conclusion - This was a pleasant find for us - a big site with a fabulous view. For the most part a very shady CG so getting satellite could be tough even with a portable dish, but we were lucky.  This CG has 4 loops - loop names posted @ the CG are not used on the reservation site, but here is my attempt to translate.

Zoom Area 1 -     Part of Potter North (no numbers & not reservable) and a few sites in Potter South.

Zoom Area 2 -     The rest of Potter North and all of Potter South #1-21.

Zoom Area 1&2 - Includes another loop that I do not recall the name, but consists of RV sites #99-124 and tent sites #127-130.  

Zoom Area 3 -      Another loop that I do not recall the name either, but consists of RV sites #79-97.  

The best sites are found in Potter North.  Best meaning — most spacious between sites and all paved.  Now parts of Potter South are also very good.  Some offer good views of a water inlet.  

To me the least desirable sites are #79-97 largely because it is simply a long, long way from the rest of the CG. If you enjoy walking a CG during your stay, the walk will take you thru some really mature beautiful tall pine trees, but before you get to those there is a quite a long uphill hike.  And the sites there are closer together.  Overall it is just seemed a bit more raggedy than the other loops.  

The 2nd least desirable are #99-124.  These sites are closer together.  The site pads are long, but you will be very close to your neighbors in many of these — except for a few that are close to the water.

Check out my blog post to read about our day trips, see the CG view we had, and see a few more CG pics - Thomson Causeway Blog Entry

07/12 - Rating 9