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Traverse City Michigan and Sleeping Bear Dunes

Our 4th stop on the RV trip took us to Traverse City, Michigan.  We expected the route from Mackinaw City to Traverse City to be more scenic - more water views.  We saw some water - but not that much…and the road was rough (Route 31).  Nothing like Route 2 around the upper part of Lake Michigan.  This leg of the trip was a little over 1 hour.  We are camping at Traverse Bay RV Resort in Acme a small town near Traverse City.  This is an ownership resort. Our site was in the new section so it did not have any nice landscaping yet .. but did have a lovely pond with a fountain in front of our coach..though the picture does not show it. 

Picture 109-1.jpg

The rest of the park where the lots are already landscaped is very beautiful.  Lots cost from 56K to 80K.  The later are for lots already landscaped..that owners must be selling - i guess. There are many “BIG” expensive motorhomes and many 5th wheels.  It is really very, very nice resort…reminds me of the Outdoor Motorcoach Resorts.  It costs $34/night…which includes full hookups, cable and free WiFi.  I wish i had taken some pictures of the “developed” part of this resort.  This picture above, does not give you a feel for the beauty of this place. 

We spent 2 nights here so we could tour Traverse City, Sutton Bay, Leland and Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Check out these pics of the Sleeping Bear Dunes - below.. it was gorgeous.  Not too long walk from your car and a couple spots to take in the great view.  Tom suggested we take the trip down to the lake (see pic)…of course i declined!  I’d have to roll down this…walking would be difficult Some folks were doing it though.  

Besides the sightseeing, I found a couple neat shops.  201966-253733-thumbnail.jpgOne in Leland called Molly’s - was really unqiue - this gal had some great stuff - i found a new rooster for my collection at home. The shops are just sprinkled around the town area - some on side streets so if you don’t get out of the car you will miss them.  I think we missed the ones in Sutton Bay - we were expecting a strip of tourist shops as you drive thru and that is just not the case. 

Next stop - Port Huron, Michigan.  After that - we plan to cross Canada.  Everything is going great with the RV and we are really enjoying the places we stop - just wish we had more time to explore. Picture 129.jpg

Picture 120.jpg

Picture 123-1.jpg


Picture 119-1.jpg


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