Campsite Video
Monday, October 16, 2006
Lucy in RVing, RVing Year2, Virginia

A first for me — videos.  My new camera can create videos so i created one on Sunday of a few campsites @ Goose Point including ours.  I uploaded the video to Google so i could share it here -  unfortunately it reduced the quality.

If interested, take a look … The clip starts @ site 20 — then moves counterclock wise — to site 21 (with 5th wheel), then site 19 - which is empty, then a front shot of site 17 (a little far away & hard to see) - then the remainder is a view of our site - #18.  It gives you a little more perspective than a photo.   I need to figure out if i can improve the quality - otherwise i’m not sure it’s worth the trouble to create them.  

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