Last Stop
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Lucy in North Carolina, RVing Year1

Tom and I are now at the beautiful Outdoor Motorcoach Resort at Lake Toxaway, NC.  outdoor resorts.jpgThis is an RV resort where you can buy sites and fix them up with stone fireplaces, rock walls, etc.  They have a 9 hole golf course and are expanding - eventually they will have 400+ sites.  Temperatures up here are in the 70s - it is just lovely.  We are off to do some exploring for the day —- i hope to find some antique stores - unique shops.

This place has strong WiFi throughout the resort - so i’ll be online the rest of our stay - and eager to catch up on blogs etc. however my own updates will be slow - my typing skills are much slower now….I took a nasty fall on my bike @ the Lake Hartwell campground and broke my wrist….and hit my head.  7 stitches to fix my head and surgery is planned to repair my wrist next week.  I have what is called a displaced intra-articular distal radius fracture.  What a klutz…and now i’ll have atleast a month or more of bad hair days.  But i have lots of feel good drugs — the Rush Limbaugh kind.  Psychotic.

I’ll be by to visit everyone later this evening.

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