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Back On The Road

Good news…Freightliner worked us in late yesterday so now we are headed home.   It’s such a relief to have the right tires and the Bus is riding better than ever after the maintenance.  Tom is so impressed.   Though we did not get to enjoy the fall colors this trip, we are thankful our problems were not more serious and for the help we received by Freightliner.   They did a fabulous job for us.  Tom definitely wants to return there for maintenance next year so it looks like we will try for a 2009 Fall trip.  

We decided to head to Ortona South, the COE CG which is about 90 miles from our home and Tom wants to try to get there in 2 days so he can spend at least one day resting before he returns to work.  Yikes!  I’m not sure about that.  We’ll see.  Since the fun part of this trip was a big bomb, we’ll keep the Bus  at Ortona for about a week.  Tom must  return home for a couple of days as he has some work commitments, but at least this way we’ll get in SOME camping.  I’ll go home with him and return to the Bus the next day with my car and he’ll return a few days later.

Other stuff.   As promised here is  a little update on our trip up here.   The good, the bad ,and the ugly. In reverse. 

The ugly.   Besides the blowout — the other ugly was Georgia - the State of Construction.  I-95 is under construction for about 50 miles.  From MM 50 to the Florida state line.  Tonight we plan to stop right before the construction begins.  Hopefully it will be easier going thru early Sunday morning. 

The bad.   Colleton State Park.   We planned to stay here one night on our trip up but we stayed 30 minutes.  It looks good, but it is not.  You can read all about it on my review of the CG here.   

The good.  Sweetwater Lake Campground.   After we left Colleton State Park we had to find something and it was already 4 p.m.  And lucky us -  we stumbled onto this unexpected find.   A nice little campground off I-26.   Learn more about in my review at the same link above.  Or click here.   It’s listed under the city of St. Matthews.

Hopefully we’ll have a lot more good to share the rest of this trip.  smile

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