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Teddy Conception

It’s happening - Teddy is being born today.  We don’t know the sex yet.  Only the Lord knows these things and well maybe CNN.  But you are invited to the birthing room. The labor will be long (it always is), but here are some pre-conception tips so your Teddy can be perfect too.  Or not.

Tip 1 - you’ll need at least 70 charm squares assuming you want room to angle the body with ease.

I made 2 sections.  40 for the back (below) and 30 for the front.  All pics are giant size… since the new blog release I can’t figure out how to add thumbnails.  Oh well I’ll work on that tomorrow.

I folded the section in half and then played with the layout.

Here’s where intelligence is important.  Which on some days I do not have.  I blame the weather…but it’s probably age.

So tip 2 - it’s  a good idea to not place a turning point directly on a seam.  Like under the arm or at the neck.   What can I say it was raining last night.

Stay tuned — sometime later today we’ll know the sex and the name.  But first, I’m taking a break.  Enough labor for now.  I’m headed to the neighbors house for a visit.  They are a Caterpillar family too and are moving back to Peoria this week.   We’ll sure miss them.   

Reader Comments (2)

Lucy, what size will Teddy be when he is finished? This is an adorable project. What a neat idea. Have fun!

July 24, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterAli

Hi Ali -- It is 16" from its bottom to top of ears.

July 24, 2008 | Registered CommenterLucy

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