Our Rolling Home Fixes and Upgrades
Saturday, August 22, 2009
Lucy in Alabama, RVing Year4

Metal Strip Reattached — some screws had worked loose

We made it to Red Bay, Al on Monday and thought we would not get into our Tiffin appointment til next week, but actually got in Friday afternoon. One window was replaced and the trim is now fixed. Turns out the trim issue wasn’t a big problem after all. Whew!

Tuesday we head to the paint guy (the best in town so we are told) and he’ll touch up that area and a few “dings”. I wonder how that happened? giggle

Anyway it has been a very productive week. We accomplished a lot more earlier in the week. Tuesday the chassis batteries were changed and the engine serviced @ Bay Diesel.

Brannon and Chris Installing The See Level SystemWednesday we spent all day at Custom RV Inc — a new business started by Brannon Hutcheson a former Tiffin worker. He did a number of things - mostly system upgrades and fixes. But one big one - our satellite. Good grief it quit working on the way up here and we were not sure he’d be able to help us, but he did! What a convenient time to fail - eh?

And the owner from L & W Drapery came by mid week and measured our valances. They are the shop that handles all the upholstery needs for Tiffin coaches. Remember my famous last words — about the valances — “Never Again”? Well now it’s one more time. eek!

They are making new boxes for all the windows so they can easily accommodate the MCD shades. Our current ones are about .5 inch too shallow preventing us from attaching them to the top of the cabinetry.   There is simply no room to snap the shades into place after the valances are up and no way to screw them into place installing the shades first. Ugh.  The velcro solution is not holding up to the humidity of South Florida.  We’ve lived with these for two years like this and I want it fixed once and for all. 

So new valances means new fabric.  grin  But this trip came up so suddently so I did not have enough time to purchase the fabrics before we left, otherwise they would be doing the entire job.  Dang.  Oh well - so I’ll recover them when we get home.  I figured if we are making changes — lets change the look. They are super busy building 2010 stuff, so they did not have time to design a special style, therefore I just went with the style used in the 2007 Bus.  I’m happy with that.

Current Style

An example of our current style - in the front area.

Future StyleThe future style. But different fabric of course - the best part. I’m excited at the possibilities since this will have three fabrics with 2 layers of cording.  That will give me lots of opportunity to make a real statement using color.

For the front living area I’m leaning towards this paisley as the feature fabric, a deep taupe accent, a small blue check underneath and a cinnamon cording. I don’t like shiny cording and I’m not fond of the chunky size used here so I may have to make my own cording. We’ll see.  Overall I want the fabrics to have a classic, but casual look so they play nicely with my quilts !

201966-591699-thumbnail.jpgThe bedroom will change also - same “future style”, but different fabric from the living area. And they are making a valance for the water closet. Today we have this dinky wood valance. We have an MCD shade to go in here, but it won’t fit in this wood valance.  I’ll be happy to get that up — the mini blinds are big dust magnets.

We’ve had to move the Bus nearly every other day so I have not even opened up my quilt cutting project. Maybe this weekend.

The valances will not be done til Friday — but since we will be done with everything else Tuesday p.m. we may going over to a COE CG not far from here for 3 nights next week. Might as well get in some camping - eh?

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