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New Sewing Room Ideas

In the works — a completely new sewing room in our forever home.  Something I’ve dreamed of having someday and thankfully Tom is very supportive.  

Initially I thought I’d go with built-in cabinetry like this.   

Found on PINTEREST. I found this via a gal who PINNED it from a hair and beauty blog .. and it’s no longer there.. so I’m not adding it. Not everyone PINS correctly.

And I tried.  We sat down with a kitchen designer @ Lowes and attempted to create a similar setup. Not as fancy as this, but still very nice.   But no can do.  First, I was shocked at how much this would cost even buying lower end cabinetry and laminate counter tops.  Ugh.   And second, my room size will not handle this much cabinetry unless I accept the entire room would be cabinets since stock cabinets come in standard sizes.   I don’t want that. 

Yes it’s a workroom, but I also want an area where I can just sit and do some hand sewing and look out @ the view - comfortably.    

So I’m going with plan B.  My needs …and wants.  :-) 

A comfy chair.   Like this.   It swivels, glides.  Perfect. 


An L-shape desk.  Like this… minus the far left cabinet section as there is just not enough room for that unless I give up the comfy chair.  Which I won’t do.   This desk will take up 1/2 of the room, so I intentionally stayed away from pieces with a lots of drawers to keep it feeling “open”.  But I do need  at least one knee space drawer so both of these will get well used. 

And finally a table for display.  Like quilty things, etc.   

That’s suppose to be chambray blue in the above pic.. it’s a bit off.   The actual sample is in pic below — and that’s the color I want for this piece assuming I go with this check for the chair.  

My pick for the desk color —  the antique white @ the top next to rug.   Not sure on the rug.  Love the big graphic design, but I’m not a fan of Duhrie rugs since they are not very heavy.   We’ll see.   I may get a smaller rug — one that just fills the space in the chair area - in front of the desk.  

The layout. 


I verified this layout in person by cutting out templates from brown paper so I know it works.   

Last final plan for this room — a custom closet orgnanizer.  Someday.   One that will help me use very inch of space in this closet for fabric storage.   I’m thinking several cubbies and small drawers for fat quarters, etc. What doesn’t fit in there will just be stored in cabinets in the laundry room.  Lots of available space in there.  

Next step - place the order after I think about my choices.    Always best to sleep on it.. like a few weeks or more.  :-) 

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Where did the desk and workspace pic in this article come from? I love it and it would be perfect for my office.

March 5, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterShannon Waller

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