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A Vision For The New Sunroom

I always thought I’d go for a green sunroom in our forever home, but I’m now leaning towards blue and beige as these colors blend with the big sectional that sits right next to this room.  

Like these.  

I loved this graphic rug I considered for the sewing room, but a Dhurrie rug  was not practical for that space.   However, it will work in the sunroom and since I need such a big rug, much cheaper. 

The stripe is for 2 big comfy club chairs.   The check for a smaller chair with ottoman. The “toile-like” print for drapes (though it’s a bit too turquoise - so I have to think about it).   If I could find some ready-made drapes, I’d buy them in a heartbeat since making 3 pairs of 96” long drapes doesn’t sound like a job Lucy would ever finish.  :-).  

Hmm. I wonder is it 3 pair or 3 pairs?  I decided on 3 pairs regardless what the grammar police think.  I seriously do not care.  

The white wood piece is for a library cabinet to sit behind the big stripe chairs.  

I’m still on the hunt for a  36 x 36  tall round table to set next to our existing counter stools.  

All of this stuff would sit in the space like this.  Assuming the software dimensions are accurate.  


To be finished before I turn 60.  When is that?   I’m not tellin’.  :-)  


That’s all the dreaming I have for today.  Now it’s time to think about Xmas decorating - right after the Alabama vs. Georgia game.  

Go Bama!

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