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2012 Projects

This type of blog post is usually a pictorial recap of my completed sewing or quilting projects for the year, but due to my kidney failure earlier in the year I only completed 3 sewing projects - or almost completed - the Civil War quilt top is 99% done.  :-) 

It was just that kind of year, but as I reflect back I’m so thankful for my recovery and feel fortunate I was able to get done what I did.  A few “firsts” for me in the quilting arena  - several applique blocks and a feathered star - which is the most difficult quilt block I’ve sewn to date.  And having 3 of my blocks included in Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Sampler book is - well - thrilling.  Like a Flickr friend said — “I felt like a Rock Star”.  :-)     

And of course having our forever home built and a few projects completed inside and out is equally thrilling.  

If interested, here are Flickr links to each picture above.  

1. TN Retirement Home, 2. TN Landscape 2, 3. TN Landscape 3, 4. TN Dining Oct, 5. Dining, 6. TN Guest BR 2, 7. CW Finish, 8. Calico Puzzle - CW Block 25, 9. Yankee Puzzle - CW Block 49, 10. Indiana Puzzle - CW Block 33, 11. Order Number 11 - CW Block 40, 12. TT Block 19, 13. Becks Valances 4, 14. Cotton Blossoms Valance Closeup, 15. Tracey Valance, 16. Tracey Valance_Laundry, 17. JTakes 2 Block 12, 18. TT Block 11


2013 will be a very busy year as we continue to personalize our retirement home and finally get back on the road in our motor home.  We really miss that.   And hopefully (eek) I get more than one quilt made.   

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