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Very Bright !!

I thought I was on a roll as I finished painting 3 walls in one day, but then I ran into snafu. Another one using green paint.  The color is SO intense and I can see roller marks everywhere.  I’ve never had  the roller mark problem in my 40+ years of painting.  And the color issue - well at least it’s not baby poop, but I’m struggling with the brightness.  With nothing in the room it feels “florescent like”.   Not good.

I’m convinced the roller mark problem is the paint.  I used Olympic paint from Lowes.   It was very, very thin rolling on so I shouldn’t be “that” surprised.  The color thing — well something needs to calm down this space and hopefully once the room is filled up with stuff that will do it.  Or not.   I’m thinking the latter so perhaps I’ll benefit from the use of a different manufacturer — like Val spar.  I hope as I sure don’t want to repaint this room 3 times so I’m doing a little test and taking a day to think about it.  I’m a safety gal.  :-)

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