2013 Projects
Monday, January 6, 2014
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It’s that time of year where I summarize the sewing projects I finished last year.  A variety of projects completed for my family and our new home. 

Not pictured in the collage are the fabric projects I completed for my sister’s laundry room (Just blogged about below).  One project I did finish, but never blogged about was the basket quilt which was a gift  for my other sister.  I finished it shortly after Christmas, but did not ship it to her until after New Years as I figured it would get hung up somewhere due to the UPS snafu.

A couple of firsts this year …

Mitering -  I had to miter the Civil War quilt or I felt I had too because I used a stripe for one of the borders.  It just seemed all wrong to not do it after spending so much time making all the blocks and I’m really pleased with the results.  I read everything I could about mitering before I started and found the best advice was to use glue to secure the seams and pattern matching before sewing.  I also cut the stripe border about 1” wider than I needed so that I had enough fabric to square it up after I finished.  

Label - It seems criminal I have never labeled any of my quilts til my sister’s basket quilt.  :-(   Oh well, maybe I can change that going forward.  Here’s how I did it. 

Fancy Packaging / Washing Instructions -   After I saw this video by Kim of The Fat Quarter Shop I knew I wanted to do something unique to package this quilt.  A crate would be way too big for this quilt, but lucky me I found some wire baskets at the Home Good store.  They had several of these on the shelf — I should have grabbed a few more for future gifts, but did not.   Geez - they were only $10.   I  bought a couple of ribbons at Jo Ann’s that matched the colors of the quilt to add a pretty bow. 

I added a box of color catchers (it’s inside the quilt) and paper clipped washing instructions on the fold just above the bow (not shown in pic).  I’ve never had a quilt bleed before and chances are this quilt will not either, but it’s good to pass along the  tips.  

Nan's Basket Quilt Label

This was quilted on a Gammill Statler Stitcher by my LAQer using the panto called Gala Vine by Anne Bright.  She also quilted my Civil War quilt and on that one I picked Celtic Vine also by Anne Bright.  You can see a bigger version of that and the other projects by clicking the links below — it will take you to my Flickr albums. 

Onto 2014 projects… the first one will be another gift quilt and I may have to use a crate for that one.  :-).  


1. Nan’s Basket Quilt Wrapped, 2. Beck’s Quilted Drapes, 3. Becks Room After Bed, 4. Beck’s Gingham Bedskirt, 5. Sewing Bath Wreath, 6. Sewing Bath, 7. Double Takes II Pillow, 8. Swoon Inspired Pillow, 9. Nan’s Basket Quilt 1, 10. Nan’s Basket Quilt 2, 11. Nan’s Basket quilt wrapped 2, 12. CW Quilting Closeup, 13. Mitered Corner

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