My Sister's Laundry Room Fixups

Happy New Year!   I’m busy working on another quilt that should be finished up in a week or two, but meanwhile I wanted to share  another fixup we did @ my sister’s house last summer.  I was there for over 6 weeks to help my son with some things, but also spent lots of time with my sister as we tackled a complete redo to her bedroom and also her laundry room.  Here’s a link to the bedroom fixups if you missed that.  

This is her son’s home so most of this is stuff he left behind when he moved out West.  He plans to rent this house out when my sis retires and moves out. He is a car hobbyist so he has tools everywhere including in the big honking garage.  Plus a boat load of stuff accumulated over the years.  Don’t we all?




This is a nice window and great area to “pretty up”.   We had already added the mini blind and the curtain that I made.   You might not notice, but there is a piece of crown molding missing above the window, so we chose to mount the rod at that point to conceal it. Chances are that will never get replace unless her son returns to complete some renovations before he rents out the house.  

We were experimenting with how to add a table area in here and also wanted to hide the ugly floor below which was missing some tiles.  A gas line running near the floor hampered how we would ever fix the tile ourselves so that’s when we decided to go for a table that we could skirt.

She had the cart in the garage, but the top was too small so we bought a butcher block wood top from Lowes to make it larger. The goal — spend $$ only on things she could keep.  

We did cleanup stuff behind the curtain, but I have no pictures of it.  Nothing fancy — just cleared out what was not needed and organized things better.   The material is from Hobby Lobby (love those coupons).  It’s duck cloth so it has a nice weight to it.  

We added baskets from Michaels on the top shelf and a band of green ginham check to reduce the amount of polka dots on this curtain otherwise we thought it might loook a little “clown like”.  :-)  


The lamp and books she had laying around the house and the wood trays and basket/flowers are from TJ Max.  


We only had enough gingham check to band the bottom of the table skirt.  She stores some big pots and pans underneath.  And she replaced the original lamp a few days later with this one as we really wanted something a little chunkier.  


And we can’t forget Madi - a black lab that belongs to her son, but my sister takes care of her  24/7/365.  :-) She loves to play ball so we chose to give Madi some wall space for her stuff.  

It was a difficult area to work with due to the circuit breaker box, plumbing, and electrical outlets, but it is what it is.   Somehow we lucked out and found these canvas prints that had most of the colors used in the room.   

 It was a fun fix up and my sister is very happy with it.  Somehow I never got a picture of the entire wall with the washer/dryer.  Other than the Madi side, it’s pretty boring.


December Update

I keep thinking when we start RVing again I will blog more often, but that won’t happen until next year so for now, here’s another update on what we’ve been doing.  Most of the pictures are clickable to see a larger version.


Yep, Tom and I made our trip back to Illinois in October and had a lot of stuff done on the Bus.  New tires, new shocks and then we made a small little RV trip to Iowa to have our HWH lever’s checked out and to give the Bus some much needed exercise.  A trip up to Michigan was nixed due to weather — it was frozen mix stuff further North that same week.  

Anyway we stayed @ a nice little COE CG in Muscatine, IA called Shady Creek.  A more formal review of that place is pending. (I know - don’t hold your breath), but until then click the link.  This CG like many others now includes a picture of every site.  

It was very cold while we were there  in the 20’s) and this is the only time we attempted a campfire.  We were there 3 nights and took a couple of trips into Muscatine for breakfast, etc.

I also found a very nice quilt store that was in the middle of a neighborhood.   It was great — I’d definitely go back.  Looks quite deceiving from the outside - I thought it was going to be a home that simply had an online fabric shop, but it was actually quite big inside.  They had some great quilts on display - the kind you’d drool over.  Their facebook site has a lot of pictures that will give you a better idea of what they offer - here’s a link  The Little Red Hen.  You’ll have to click on their photo albums to see them.


Good news, we found a place in TN to keep our bus.  Bad news, it went up in flames a few weeks after we leased a spot.  Yikes! 

Fortunately for us, our Bus was still in Illinois otherwise it would be toast as it would have been parked in the 2nd spot from the left in the area that is now just a bunch of rubbish.  



They lost 10 RVs that day.   The facility is rebuilding and has provided us with another spot until it’s finished.  It’s literally the best RV storage area in the area or atleast what we can find.  Another Tiffin owner from the TRVN forum is also using this place and their brand new Phaeton was there that night, but in another building.  Whew! 



Several projects were finished the last few months.  First, the sewing bath shower treatment.  I had a vision here that went a little wrong, but I think I’m just going to live with it. 


The upholstered board is too tall by about 6-7”.   I’m mad at myself for making this error because I do know better.  The original plan was to attach 3 tailored green ruffles to the bottom panels to give the treatment some punch and then mount this board above.  Instead I added one ruffle on the board to try and minimize its size.  I don’t think that was completely successful, but knowing me in a few years I’ll probably decide to do something different and take it all down so - it is what it is.   


However, if I wanted to fix it,  a good friend who makes window treatments tells me it’s possible.  I hot glued the fabric, cording and all the trim on the backside, but she says I can get it off using a steam iron and then I could then cut down the top and reattach everything.   

Well that seems like a lot of work to me so for now I’m moving on.  :-)   But for DIY’ers who are interested on some other construction stuff — I gathered the panels using shirring tape (from JoAnns) and then attached it to the top with velcro.   Sewing one part to the curtain and hot gluing the other part of the velcro to the top of the board.  And the white trim to conceal the staples is called gimp which I also bought @ JoAnns. 

I’m going to add a standard shower curtain rod and liner behind this — just above the bottom of the board and push it out of the way so you will only see it on the inside. But I’ll only put that up when company comes to town.  :-).  



No time to finish an entire quilt for the new house before yearend so I made a couple of quilted pillows….



I used a modified version of one of the Swoon quilt blocks by Camille.  It’s a scrappier version of this block which I copied from a few other quilters who went this way too.  However, I replaced the outside pieces with a border.   The finished pillow size is 26”.   And then I added a wider binding for a chunkier looking edge.  


This is my favorite of the 2 pillows.   It’s 18” and created using a  block from a quilt I made several years ago that uses layer cakes.   The diamond center is made from a fat quarter I found buried @ a quilt store.  I had no idea what I would do with it, but I really liked it and actually tried to find more of that fabric as I thought it was “wowsa”.   But no luck.  

Boy I had a tough time trying to line up the pattern to meet in the middle (4 pieces here).   Fussing cutting is difficult especially when you really need mirror imaging.   I just tried to line it up it up as best I could and after I had made too many cutting mistakes and started running out of fabric,  I picked the best of the bad cuts and called it  “good enough”.  


We had a holiday party at our house for our neighbors so the Xmas decorations went up very early. These pics were taken a few hours before the big event.  We had nearly 50 neighbors coming so I figured keeping the decorations simple would be the better way to go.   Somehow I forgot to take pics of all the food.  :-( .  



A few new purchases this year - mostly to update the colors I used previously.  It’s the same tree,  but I went with shiny, sparkly bulbs - mostly cheapo ones from target.   A new treetop bow as last year’s bow was a rust color.   That’s also a new tree skirt - deep blue turquoise with some pretty beads on it.   I didn’t even have a proper size tree skirt.. I think last year I used a quilt which was really too small.   I really like the unusual punch of color of this new one.   

A new red throw and a bird print xmas pillow with some little glitter beads - both from the pottery barn. 

The 3 Xmas trees on the chest I’ve had for a few years.  The wreaths are recycled from last year, except I had to buy new inserts (red berries) which came from Pier 1.  I needed 3 inserts and I only had 2 of the same kind from last year.  I also replaced the rusty ribbon to hang them with a red burlap ribbon. 

I hung the old inserts on the guest bathroom doors with leftover ribbon.   


Just another view of everything.

And below —  Tom is getting the drinking stations setup.   We catered the food from the local Publix grocery store and it was still sitting on the front porch at the time — our temporary fridge for all those big platters.  



Some smaller niche decorating …

Here’s my version of a  swag I found via google. Just page down in the link - you’ll see the inspiration beaded swag over a window. Click here.  Due to so many chunky beads,  I couldn’t wrap it more than I did.  I tried.  It just looked all wrong. 


This is just a basket filled with mostly paper and some cheapo bulbs on top.

Here are more of the same bulbs in the bowls.  That transferware once belonged to my mother so it’s near and dear to my heart.  Next year I think I’ll add in some greenery.. it looks a little too bare as is.

And finally our Byer Carolers are hanging out inside this hutch with some christmas cards — which are just starting to arrive.    The desert table sat directly in front of the hutch so perhaps the guests saw them.. Not really sure.  :-)  


And that’s the end of this update.  I am working on a couple of new quilt projects, but it’s too soon for pics.  

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to anyone who happens to visit my poor neglected blog.   :-)