Headed North Soon

Finally — next week Tom and I will be back on the road in our Bus.  The plan is to get new shocks and tires and then figure out where we can go camping.  We are leaving the agenda a little “open” at the moment so we can evaluate where we go.  Do we just head up to Iowa or Wisconsin or hop over to Indiana or go all in and get up to Northern Michigan.  Hmmm.  Just not sure yet, but it will all get sorted out soon.  

Things on the homefront are winding down.  We have accomplished a lot this year - but I just have not blogged about it much so here is another quick update … 


The Civil War quilt is finally quilted.  Binding is pending.  I’ll probably do that on the trip. 


Fresh pine straw was added to all our garden beds which always makes things look a bit nicer.  I still need to tweak this bed some more, but that’s on hold til we return. 

This hydrangea on the opposite side of the house is looking better each day. I love the blue flowers.

Sewing Room

A major upgrade is complete.  Somehow we got this all installed in about 3 days.  I’m loving it.

It’s from EasyClosets.  All ordered online.  Free shipping.   Fabulous packaging.   Arrived in 14 boxes. Yikes!  

I have 3 of these type drawers with the acrylic dividers and one is completely empty.  Room to grow - a quilter’s dream.  :-)


I’m super happy I folded all this fabric before we moved. It made moving all this stuff in here a piece of cake.


I hope to provide some blog updates on our trip.  Provided my new 4G hotspot works.  Stay tuned.  


The Powder Room Story

Less is more - except in our powder room.  Which is very small.  Not quite 5’ square. Yikes!

My original plan was to just add the quilty artwork on the back wall and call it done.  

It’s just a piece of upholstery I’ve had for over 10 years that I stapled to a canvas frame and hung in our last 3 homes (NC, FL, IL).  However,  to fill this wall it needed to be larger so I had it matted and framed @ JoAnns.  Love those coupons.



But then I went shopping which is very dangerous.  Always.  :-)   And I stumbled onto these cute ceramic pieces @ Home Goods.   I had no idea how I was going to display them until I saw these metal photo stands so into the cart they went.   I spray painted the stands black and attached to the wall with dry wall screws. 

During the same Home Goods trip I saw this shelf.  Hmmm.  Briefly I thought perhaps I should just hang this in here vs. the quilty artwork.  I couldn’t resist it’s quirky look as some of the shelves are a bit wonky. 

I figured if I changed my mind it would work in another room, but it doesn’t so now it’s hanging in this room - behind the door.   Getting very crowded in here…giggle. 



The only other redo to this room so far -  new lights.  Which were originally a bronze — too bronze so I spray painted them black.   

Once I got all this stuff in here I thought something has to go.  But it all is still there and somehow I think it works.   If I delete anything it would probably be the ceramic houses….but for now - my rationale is this….  

The artwork is a nice pop of color and view outside the room.

The shelf has a library look.  :-)   Which you only see once in the room.  

The baskets add some texture and the black all around the room grounds things.  

The ceramic pieces work because, well I like them.  Okay — probably because they are white.  

I think this room is done.  Though I’ll probably change the towel ring and toilet paper hanger to black.  So almost done.  

The wall color is Benjamin Moore - Woodlawn Blue. I had to do some serious touch up after hanging those black stands to the wall.  The spacing and getting those things level was no easy task for me.  I hate stuff like that.  Thus one reason I’m not in a hurry to remove them…