MCD Shades

Well you can tell by this picture, we were never fond of the day/night shades that came with our Bus. Within the first year we had broken strings on nearly every shade and by the end of year two several of the replacement shades had busted too. We were ready to give them the boot!

This picture was taken the day I took all the valances down to recover them and begin replacing the shades - hopefully for the last time. The Bus was in the storage unit and it was 95 degrees - we had no more patience for the busted shades at this point so we just cut them out of the way.

We first saw the MCD shades in a 2008 Allegro Bus at a dealership and were impressed.  I proceeded to do some research and found some good and bad comments on the TiffinRVNework forum about their performance -  which thankfully the owner of MCD joined in on. 

It appeared most of those problems were installation related so we were hopeful that these issues would settle down eventually.  About this same time the owner announced a special pricing offer for existing Tiffin owners to buy them,  so we jumped on it.

With directions from MCD, I carefully measured the inside of each valance and phoned in the order.  I also sent an email with my measurements so they had a paper trail.

The shades came in one huge box - each was carefully packaged and marked like this.

And this is what they look like before installation.



Installing the shades into the valances is very easy.  You simply add the clips they provide and snap them into place

But it was a bit difficult for us to get the valances snapped into place due to the depth of our valances which were 2 3/8” deep.  It is possible, just not easy. 

Our shades are the first generation and for those some owners have experienced tension problems.

To fix, simply remove the end clips on the bottom rail — then remove the rail.  Wrap the shade around the roll a few times to increase tension — unwrap it to loosen it.  Reattach the rail and end clips when done.  Some say they can do this without removing the valance, but I have not tried that method yet.  We have only one shade that needs some extra tension.  

We have seen the newer generations of these shades and operated them… they are a dream.. I suspect there are no tension problems at all.

Total Cost - $1900 (shipping included) for 10 shades. You had to buy a shade for every window (except the front drape area) to get the deal. We have installed all of them, except the one for the water closet.  To my knowledge that offer was an OTO option.  Contact MCD for additional information.

A couple more pics to show a few shades open. We love them!

We still have the front curtain — perhaps some day we’ll replace that with the power shades, but we won’t do that ourselves.  My understanding is that some woodwork modifications are necessary for our year coach.

Update Pics -  New Valances in 2009/2010. 

Besides the new fabrics, the new valances are 3.5” deep and much easier to snap in the MCD shades.   I can even do the longer ones by myself. Easy Peasy.  This picture gives you a good idea of the depth of the newer valance. You can click these 2 pics to enlarge. 

You can see a few more pictures of the entire bedroom in this link.  

And more pics of the front room here.  

Note — the two shades on either end of the front room slide are still the 2 3/8” deep boxes.  The upper cabinetry prevents us from using deeper boxes here, however, because the valances are attached to the wall using L-brackets only we were  able to install the shades before attaching the box to the wall.  

These shades are an absolute must have in our next coach!