Our Renovations

We took delivery of our Bus in September of 2005.  Two years later we began to make changes to the interior.     The links below include some pictures and notes about our experience that may be helpful to others.

Approx cost for things we have done so far - More details in the links below

  • 4,500  -  Tile (Cost of tile, labor to demo existing carpet and install tile, replace metal w/corian on our step risers). Done in Red Bay, AL by Ricky McGee and Brannon Hutcheson.
  • 1,900  -  MCD Shades.  10 shades - delivered to our door.  We did the installation.
  • 2,000  -  Valances.  (includes new boxes and all the layered cover boards which were built by L&W Drapery in Golden, MS - $650).  I recovered and installed them.  Due to the design (2 layers per valance) I needed twice the amount of cording and fabric.  I used discount online shops to buy all the materials.
  • 4,300  -   Replace Norcold with a Whirlpool Residential Fridge.  Includes Fridge, 1000 Xantrex Inverter, wiring and 6 hours of labor for 3 guys @ 65/hr.  Done in Red Bay, AL by Brannon Hutcheson of Custom RV.
  • 1,900 -  Replaced the rest of the OEM carpeting.  $1100 for the carpet, 800 for labor.  Also done by Brannon Hutcheson of Custom RV Inc.
  • 400 + -  Replace our original 24” TV in the outside bay with a 32” flat screen.   I’m missing the cost for the mounting arm and installation — to be added later.
  • 1,200 -   Accessories, etc.   With the last update, I added or replaced many of our interior accessories such as artwork, lamps, dining chairs, misc decorative things.  More details on those items are found in the link below titled “Where I Shopped”.

Coming Soon —  

  • Making new windshield drapes to replace the ones which are original to the Bus.