Outside TV

Original TVIn 2010 we replaced our 24” Panasonic tube TV with a 32”  (LCD) flat screen from LG.  The model # is LD350 and we paid somewhere between $350-400. I can’t remember the exact amount.  We bought it @ BestBuy.  The 24” TV still worked and we eventually gave it away.  

We picked the LG after doing a little research.  I knew we couldn’t solve all the “outdoor viewing” issues that might occur so I didn’t try to find the perfect TV.  Our main objectives were to keep the cost down and pick one that had limited reflection issues and offered good viewing from various angles.  

This was another project completed by Brannon Hutcheson of Custom RV in Vina, AL.  He did it the same year he installed our new Whirlpool.  We removed the Panasonic and existing slider tray before we arrived and Brannon provided the new mounting hardware and did all the installation. 

LG LD350Click to enlarge on pics..









When traveling we secure & protect it with a cover, foam, and bungee cords.







I made the cover using black vinyl, 2 - 30” water repellant zippers, upholstery thread, leather needles, velour and 1” foam.  All materials purchased @ Jo Ann Fabrics.

I had a general idea what to do, however, I did make a test cover out of cotton to get an idea of the size and how I would do the back.




Here are a few construction pictures for any sewing enthusiasts.   Click to enlarge.

Velour protects the front of the TV. 1” foam inside 











Lessons Learned about the cover…

I pushed my Bernina to the limit on this project.   This really should be done on an industrial machine.   I could not topstich the zipper.  I did try, but I did not have all of my attachments with me at the time though I’m not sure it would have mattered. 

I ran out of black thread by the time I got to the Velcro :-(,  but I really wish I had used snaps instead. 

I intentionally cut it a bit larger than the test cover.  I regret that decision — I wish it was a little more snug. So I may add some foam inserts along the inside top and upper sides to take up some of the slack and I’d cover it with the velour to hold it in place like I did the front inside.  Or I may sew a deeper seam around the front and back although it might be tricky to do that after the fact.