Personalized RV Sign

Finally after many years, we have our own custom RV sign.  I always wanted something a little more creative and substantial than what you can buy @ some of the RV shows and now we have it. 

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The Artist

This was made by Julie Rose, a gal I met on Facebook playing Farmville.  Imagine that.  Even though we have never met in person, she’s become a really good friend.  Just the type of gal I know I could sit and talk with for hours - we just do that thru email or on Facebook postings.   She’s super talented and when I saw a project she did for her daughter’s school I flipped out.  I thought — WOW I got to ask her if she would paint a sign for us and the rest is history.  

Another sample of Julie’s work. (click to enlarge)

Want your own personal sign?  Contact Julie via to get started.  

Need more inspiration — checkout this link Doodlebugsart to see more pics of her artwork & in case you miss it - here’s a link to the album of  RV signs.

Since the artwork is custom you’ll need to get a specific quote from Julie.  


The Design Plan

I sent her some pictures of our Bus from different angles and some close ups so she could see the detail.  I decided on the background setting and the season.   Tom and I are from the Midwest and I wanted something that represented our roots.  I asked for the barn and some pine trees (OK so not entirely midwest - grin) and then she came up with the look and sent me a penciled sketch for approval.  We made a few other changes and then she began the painting.  She provided the wood which is 24 X 15. 

The Details

You cannot imagine the details in this sign. The picture does not illustrate how incredible it looks in person.   For example - some of the chrome on the Bus shines, you can see dust kicked up from the dirt road behind the Bus, you can read the Allegro Bus logo on the front and the sides, and see all the details of the grass - a lot of depth and leaves and little flowers, etc.  It’s really spectacular.  She uses computer stencils to get the lettering so perfect.  The wood is pine and she applied several coats of polyurethane to protect it from the elements. 

Click to enlargeThe City/State

I had her make a separate sign for the city and state since we plan to relocate once Tom retires.  I’ll just ask Julie to make us a new one when that happens.  

We added the hanging brackets & S hooks. Tom just found these @ a local hardware store and decided to attach them @ the back of the sign for stability.  If he drilled small hooks into the side he thought he might crack the wood.


The Stand

The above picture was taken during our 2010 Xmas trip to Topsail Hill.  I used 2 pot hangers to hang the sign.. just a temporary solution until I could get a permanent stand.   

Below is our permanent stand.  I bought this from Metalcraft Industries located in Ocala, FL.