Road Notes

Just stuff we have seen, done, wondered or laughed about …

On our rental trip we were often entertainment for our fellow campers — we know this. Especially when trying to load our VW beetle on the tow dolly in Myrtle Beach. After much debate — Tom said (ok hollered) just drive it up the dam ramp. So i did and then we duct taped the grill to the body of the car for the remainder of the trip.

Funny thing about those little clips on the side of the rental RV - they (not our head ) hold up the bay doors.

Oh c’mon - those barrell chairs - they are really kiddie chairs - right?

The one time i know Tom is listening to me is when we are backing in the Bus. So i take my time. 

Tom thinks if the wind ever stops in the Outer Banks - everyone will fall over.

Bridge heights in Canada are posted on the bridge itself - in meters.  Look closely and you might be able to read it as you drive beneath it or not.

If you want to drive thru the 60’s - go down Lundy Lane near Niagra Falls, Canada.

Charter Buses go to Bassett, VA when they die. If you need one go there. They have lots of them.

GPS sometimes routes us through tunnels under construction and small town neighborhoods but Tom does not yell at it.

99.9% CG owners are great. The remainder seem to have missed their military calling.

Tom thinks merge lanes on the D.C. beltline looks like the start of the Daytona.

Some states fix pot holes by putting up signs that say “bump ahead”.

Just how many Wings and Eagles stores do you actually need Myrtle Beach?

KOA workers - i’m pretty sure i don’t need to know how to change our site from 53 to 58 in your computer system.  But thanks for the offer anyway.

That river view campsite is just not the same when the doggie poop bags are right in front of you.

Tom thinks the guys in the right lane cannot hear me yelling “GET OVER”.

It sometimes takes me several minutes to get my seat belt on.  Tom never thought it was funny until he saw Robin Williams do it. Thanks Robin.

Tom says it’s like falling off a cliff when he rolls to my side of the sleep number bed.

When your told you must drive under a power line held up by a long stick to get to that site - it’s time to keep driving. 

Some RVers hobbies are standing outside and performing Karaoke — by themselves. OK just one - so far.

In October 2008 the State of Georgia was the State of Construction.  Well at least I-95.