I changed the valances in our Bus.   Here’s a quick pictorial to show the difference. 

Original look 

Pictures taken on our maiden voyage in September 2005.  Shades of grey/taupe.  Not my favorite, but I felt I could live with it until we took delivery.  I thought the dining chair fabric would be on the valances as this was a carryover fabric and that’s how they did it in 2005.  But Tiffin changed how they did this for 2006.  :-(  


Current Look.  Completed in 2009/10


We had the new boxes made by L&W Drapery in Golden, MS.  This is the company that does all the soft goods for Tiffin Motorhomes.  

Since we were starting from scratch we decided to update the look too and chose the style used in the 20007/08 Bus - minus the wood end caps.  I also had them make this plain box for the water closet window.  No need for fancy layers in there.


We were in Red Bay at the time, so we just hauled these home in the back of our Jeep and I recovered them over time.  Big job.  I could do it again, but I never, ever want to.  :-)  

The duplicate layers increased the cost and complexity.  It was like doing 18 vs 9 valances. Exhausting and my house was a mess for weeks.  

A few more pics of the finished and *** LAST *** look.  I told Tom if I ever say I want to redo these again, take me out back and shoot me.  So if you ever read about me in the papers, it was all my fault.  lol