Winfield Story

Citation from Winfield COE Ranger

When we returned home we had a citation from the Ranger of Winfield for leaving trash on this site. We were stunned! We would never trash a campsite. I figured it had to be a mistake. I spoke with both camp hosts a couple of times. They explained our site and the one next to us were both trashed. Our assumption is the campers next to us left this trash - though we have no proof. They were young folks (early 20s) who came in for 1 night and were up til 2 a.m. The trash left on our site included a box of empty beer cans. We know they were drinking as Tom introduced himself before we retired for the evening and he noticed the beer. Per the camp host , those guests also left the same day as us but left trash and an active fire. They got a citation for both.

I tried many times (4 ) to have a direct conversation with the Ranger to formally dispute our citation, but I could never reach him even after suggesting he leave a time to call when he was at his desk. I would have made my schedule fit his and I even said that in my last voice mail. I got another call from him — but he just left his number - no time to call. I finally gave up since the policy says our citation remains on file for this CG only and for just 6 months. There was no fine — it was just a warning. So I chalked it up to experience. I don’t know if this was a fluke or the fellow campers who visit this CG can just be slobs and inconsiderate but I know one thing we won’t be back. I’m bitter I know but right or wrong I’ve concluded the ranger was avoiding a conversation with me or simply unable to manage his time even though he was was always polite in his voice mails. I took tons of pictures of this CG as I often do so you decide if you want to visit — based on the CG appeal and /or our experience. It seems only fair I share the entire story. Based on the CG feel I give it a 9 , but with our experience afterwards — I give it a 5. Maybe someday I’ll feel differently. If you go, I’d just suggest you consider taking digital pictures of your site when you leave with a date/time stamp turned on. Especially if you have campsite neighbors who might seem a bit rambunctious.